Jim Cramer: Apple should team with Nike on a $199 wearable to boost revenue

“Apple should collaborate with Nike on a new source of revenue, TheStreet‘s Jim Cramer said on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street on Tuesday morning,” Amanda Gomez reports for TheStreet.

“‘It’s no longer a momentum stock,’ Cramer commented, adding that the company is a ‘liability’ unless they can find another revenue stream,” Gomez reports. “‘They need to do it with Nike,’ he urged, advising Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is on Nike’s board, and Nike CEO Mark Parker to work together on a wearable device priced in the $200 range.”

Gomez reports, “Cramer also argued that ‘the Watch can’t [boost revenue], the App Store can’t do it, iTunes can’t do it, [but] a car could do it,’ reiterating his recommendation that Apple should enter the auto industry with integrated technology for luxury vehicles to increase revenue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Since Apple’s COO Jeff Williams only last week stated that “Apple Watch marks the end of single-function wrist devices,” ’tis highly doubtful Apple will be taking Cramer’s advice.

That said, maybe Nike could collaborate with Apple to create a Nike+ Smartband for Apple Watch (you know, for that GPS we want on our Apple Watches without having to cart our iPhones along on runs). After all, last May, Nike’s CEO Mark Parker did promise more from Apple and Nike to come.

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  1. “Apple should enter the auto industry with integrated technology for luxury vehicles to increase revenue.”

    If you look around to do “something” just to increase revenue, you are going to fail.

    Do something because people will want it and you know you can do it better than anyone else. If you do it right, the money will follow.

  2. Oh, stop. Apple doesn’t need product advice from people who have never designed or sold a tech product in their lives! This is like the liberal version of gun control. “We have to do something” even though all their so-called solutions would do nothing to tamp down criminal use of fire arms.

  3. Omg! How much $ does Apple have to make? $100 Billion in profits in a year ain’t good enough! No company is going to grow their profits forever. I can you this: Google and Facebook will never make nearly the profits Apple has made. Not even close. They’ll hit a wall long before coming even close.

  4. And a week ago he was saying Apple should buy Fitbit. This Wall Street obsession with “Apple needs new revenue streams now!” Is getting ridiculous. It’s like last year when Trip Chowdry said if Apple didn’t release the “iWatch” in 60 days the company would go out of business.

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