Top-rated analyst: Apple’s iPhone business is healthy

“As Wall Street continues to grow pessimistic on Apple, Toni Sacconaghi of Sanford C. Bernstein remains optimistic,” Bree Kelly reports for CNBC.

“‘Fundamentally the iPhone business is healthy,’ Sacconaghi said on CNBC’s Halftime Report,” Kelly reports. “The top rated tech analyst said first-time smart phone users will drive iPhone sales.”

“‘[Globally] only 60% of cell phones are smart. There are still a couple billion that will become smart phones,’ he said,” Kelly reports. “Sacconaghi believes Apple can attract new customers. ‘Apple is still able to gain share from other platforms and attract people.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s interesting to watch the replay of events from two years ago (recycled fomenting with a few voices of sanity peppered in here and there):

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  1. Yes it is….
    But the charlatans want your shares…..
    And ohhhh its So fun…. And so satisfying… Lol… arent they all just such a sweet bunch…

    fear mongering by wallstreet Charlatans.. With bogus sensationalized headlines always works… Fear is one of the most fundimental instincts humans/animals have developed throughout evolution. It is fundimental to survival. And in the wall street jungle the charlatans know it all too well.
    Say “boo” and most will drop everything and run… Leaving behind what charlatans want to collect. we empower those bastards. A must watch if you want to see how this is openly admited by the insiders…. The 1st minute will tell all.. But watch the whole thing

    1. ✌️👍
      Everyone must watch..
      Just take what he is saying as a small hedgfund owner …..Then amplify the urgancy and magnitude due to last year disaterouse bets on commodities ….And it somewhat showes how desperate these animals can get and to what extent !

      1. Agree wholeheartedly. Even if you only understand half of what Cramer says in the clip, that’s enough to understand what’s happening to AAPL right now. As MDN says, back up the truck (I just wish I has a bigger truck).

  2. And don’t forget. Low income first time buyers are very likely to see a small format phone from Apple this year.

    That cuts the battery, screen components almost in half compared to larger screens, so the price can be kept down.

    The lowest of the low income may well just buy the 1-2 year old “trade in” iPhones. Nothing goes to waste in the 3rd world.

  3. Anyone remember mp3 players? When the iPod first came out, there were a ton of mp3 players will really crappy software and poor controls. Apple’s iPod provided the first device that had great software, worked with your music library and addressed a lot of issues with inferior products. It took several years and generations but Apple came out with more models to fit every need. They started at the top and pushed the competition to the low end of the market. Eventually the shuffle stuck the knife in and killed off the competition.
    The market has forgotten that but this is exactly what Apple are doing in the phone market.

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