Real world iPhone 6s adoption data contradicts Apple analysts’ so-called ‘supplier channel checks’

“The product mix of iPhone models in Apple’s real world installed base of users shows smooth adoption of iPhone 6s models and no evidence of a decline in demand that would require unexpected production cuts,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “This publicly available data severely undercuts the supply chain rumors supporting a narrative of “Peak iPhone” and reactionary order slashing.”

“There is zero indication that iPhone 6s models have tapered off or suddenly plunged, “Dilger reports, “the data shows a smooth increase in sales since its launch.”

In stark contrast to the smooth annual upgrades among iPhone users, Fiksu’s data on the Android installed base shows a much more chaotic and contentious rollout of flagship models, despite being dominated by one company. It also highlights the shrinking ratio of relevance of Samsung’s primary premium flagship model among users,” Dilger reports. “Samsung’s sales are much less cyclical than iPhones. Android users also appear be sticking with older models for much longer (or are more likely to buy older models), as usage data shows the adoption rate of the now three and a half year old Galaxy S3 remains currently tied with the S4 and S5. Apple’s ability to entice users to upgrade—and to choose its newest, most expensive models they do—is a primary reason why it now accounts for 94 percent of mobile industry profits.”

Much more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Shh, with the facts and logic! Cripes, we were hoping for $95, at least!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. The reason Apple is so susceptible to the stock manipulators is the perfect storm of Apple being so secret they never counter anything and being so popular that manipulated rumors are so easy to get the attention of the press.
    When Apple doesn’t say, “iPhone sales are doing just fine” because . . . that’s just something that they don’t do, or in some cases can’t legally do, the press goes wild – and so does the stock price.

    Apple is a good choice for long term investors, leave the day trading to the crooks, er, I mean experts.

    1. You really are some kind of simpleton. That would mean the value of Apple would be Just slightly more than the cash Apple has in the bank. It could never happen. That means that Apple, the company would be essentially have ZERO value. . . worth only what the cash is worth. Has any one ever told you that your head is completely empty? If not, why not? It is.

    2. Really just go somewhere else and do your constant I hate Tim Cook gay bash thing. You use a new name every time but it is clear it is one person over and over. Sorry, you will never get the the 5 stars you are evidently living for by typing such drivel. Dilger once again is spot on in calling out the FUD.

      1. he WILL get his five stars, from himself, this is online masturbation, after all. he does after all give all five of his friends and rosie palm the full credit for his satisfaction

      1. And I am glad that *you* are not my market advisor. A corporation cannot take itself private. Impossible. Cannot happen. An external infusion of funds is required to acquire shareholder ownership and consolidate it in a new owner/ownership group. And such an effort generally requires a significant premium over the corporation’s market capitalization.

        Please do not spread this misinformation.

  2. Stock market manipulation brought to you by the same corrupt banksters that manufactured the 2008 crisis. They steal with impunity with no interference from the impotent and complicit government oversight organizations. This country is a joke and I can’t wait for the fall.

  3. Realistically, all the turmoil surrounding AAPL lately has been about the March 16 quarter . The data quoted in this article are for the December 15 quarter (and prior) where most think Apple will perform quite well. The alleged decrease in orders for the March 16 quarter would have no bearing on the data quoted in this article.

    If one examines the data in the article quite closely, during the week following Xmas 2015 the iPhone 6s percentage increase does flatten out quite a bit compared the same week the prior two years. That’s just one week but could indicate something… or might indicate nothing.

    My point is that, although what’s said in DED’s article is correct, it does not really address the issue of what’s bothering Wall Street. I agree with MDN that AAPL is a very tempting opportunity for the Warren Buffett types among Apple investors (i.e. is there any better long-term investment value in the stock market with lower risk?).

  4. Wall Street doesn’t know what’s bothering Wall Street. It runs away on rumor. . . it doesn’t matter what the rumor is, or even if the person spreading the rumor has any credibility or not, or even if the person spreading the rumor has ZERO or is known to be a completely worthless bag of shit in everything he says, they will react to it on the off-chance it might have some credibility and they don’t want to be the last one to move on it and perhaps lose out! Heaven forbid a stock should move one way or the other if it turned out to be true!

    So what if every other thing the rumor monger ever said in his life was total bilge, you better listen this time. This time it might be gold. . .

  5. AAPL reports on 26 Jan 2016, today is 8 Jan 2016; lets bet that the Hedge fund “promoted negative articles” on AAPL change to positive on 15 Jan 2016, just in time to get a really positive run up to earnings, so they can recoup all their losses throughout 2015 on oil!

    Let’s also speculate that the “silent” Tim Cook and his masterful team will have been applying every free dollar to buying back AAPL stock during the last few months of down trend!!

    Long term investors, including carl Icahn, should thank these hedge funds for a fantastic opportunity to get into AAPL at these crazy prices!

  6. This dive in stock price has more to do with encryption than any pansy in the head office. Wall Street is amoral and couldn’t care less about anyone’s sexuality; this is the revenge of that other pansy in the oval office.

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