Kevin Rose: Apple will either buy Fitbit or develop their own fitness band

“Apple Watch 2 will launch and have mediocre success,” Kevin Rose writes for Medium.

“Yes, Apple fans… will still buy one, but most consumers don’t need yet another device to charge nightly,” Rose writes.

“Eventually they will realize the device they should have built would be more akin to a Fitbit with long battery life and a simple display,” Rose writes. “At this point they’ll either buy Fitbit or develop their own.”

Four more of Rose’s tech predictions for 2016, including why “Virtual Reality will turn out to be a dud,” in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed.

Do not underestimate the power of Apple Watch 2… We would love to see Apple launch Apple Smartbands that add sensor and other functionality to Apple Watch. An Apple GPS Smartband and an Apple Battery Smartband, right now, would sell like wildfire. It’s a missed opportunity for the original Apple Watch’s first Christmas, but we hope to see such items in 2016. — MacDailyNews Take, December 11, 2015

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  1. I am not one to spend Apple’s money or tell Apple how to run their business, ok, maybe I do sometimes. 🙂

    I take my Watch off before bed every night to charge. Yet, there are times I wish I could wear something at night to track my sleeping.

    I kinda wish Apple had something I could slip on my wrist when I take my Watch off to charge at night. No screens. No buttons, very simple. It would talk to my iPhone and my Watch via the iPhone. It would track my sleep, maybe my HR while I slept. Then in the morning, I would take it off, put my Watch back on.

    1. You might want to check out Beddit.

      Because Beddit offers a dedicated sensor for tracking your sleep duration and quality each night, Apple Watch is able to charge overnight as needed and still present sleep data in the morning. Thanks to hardware access granted to native software, Beddit’s watchOS 2 app lets Apple Watch double as a sleep tracker during the day for measuring naps and creating silent alarms.

    2. I charge my watch in the hour before bed, and then sleep with it all night. I get up, do my workout, top it off while getting cleaned up, then go about my day.

      This continuing hoohah about not being able to sleep with the Apple Watch is BS. The Watch will charge at ~1% per minute. There’s no need to charge it all night.

      If anything, we need a good app to pull the data out of the Watch’s database to display for our personal use. That would be helpful.

    1. Tim Cook’s obcesstion with fashion has clouded his judgment. Apple Watch is just another example how Cook is unlike Jobs. How many more mistakes can Apple endure?

      1. Not sure what you would classify 6 Million watch sales as mistake, thats a $3 billion in revenue for a 1st generation product!!!!

        To give you a example Swiss watch shipments have actually declined since the Apple Watch was released. You may want to do your research before posting inaccurate comments. If you think you can do a better job that apple for CEO at Apple and watch people laugh as you fail!!

        1. While I agree that the 6M watch sales is successful, it is only for the group that owns iPhones. With the brand recognition of Apple and should the Apple Watch have been compatible with devices from other makers, I believe the current 6M sales would have easily been dwarfed. It is possible that the Apple Watch in its current incarnation is ‘too much’ in function and/or price for what user want for their wrist wearable today.

  2. Like all computer users want a fitness device… Americans love their fitness devices. At least the watch is small enough to take just a small portion of the space on the treadmill in the corner of your living room.

  3. It’s possible that Apple will introduce an Apple Watch model that is a simple fitness tracker ala what they did with the iPod shuffle. But why limit the platform, especially when most of the evidence suggests people wear fitness trackers for a while and then they get shoved in a drawer somewhere? And what would an Apple fitness tracker have that couldn’t be integrated into Apple Watch? Basically this post could have been one sentence: I wish Apple Watch didn’t need to be charged every day.

  4. My wife has a Fitbit that her daughter gave her. I have an Apple Watch that my wife gave me. They are both great devices; but I can assure everyone that mine is WAY easier to charge than hers, and this more than makes up for the frequency with which it needs to be charged.

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