Apple short interest soars again

“The fourth quarter will make or break Apple Inc.’s near-term fortunes for many investors,” Douglas A. McIntyre reports for 24/7 Wall St. “Presumably, sales of the new iPhone 6s family should be buoyed by holiday shoppers.”

“Some short sellers believe prospects are less than good,” McIntyre reports. “The short interest in Apple rose 53% in the period that ended November 30 to 108.4 million shares. That makes its shares the fifth most shorted of all companies traded on Nasdaq.”

McIntyre reports, “Short sellers are betting as much on China as more visible sales of the iPhone in the United States over the holidays.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are much better bets than betting against Apple.

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  1. Most old-school investors are simply incapable of wrapping their mind around the fact that a tech (a ‘computer’) company is the largest-cap entity out there. They can’t possibly imagine that any tech company can be bigger than Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco… all those traditional large-cap companies that have been around since their grandfathers were in the investment banking business. So, they clearly can’t possibly see how a tech company can grow any further than where it already is; in their mind, AAPL is already way overvalued (never mind the S/P, never mind the stratospheric profit margins, never mind the double-digit growth). These are the types of people that hold this heavy short interest and that can’t bring themselves to buying and holding AAPL. Unfortunately they tend to be influential, and there are quite many of them.

    1. Basically, you’re saying AAPL is dead in the water and there’s nothing Apple can do to change that outlook unless they change into some other type of business. It seems to me Wall Street is betting heavily on Alphabet to be bigger than Apple, so it’s possible that Wall Street doesn’t have any confidence in Apple and not just tech companies in general.

      Wall Street is definitely betting on Microsoft to be a big winner at Apple’s expense and decent gains are being made by loyal Microsoft shareholders. Many say that Nadella is a much smarter CEO than Tim Cook and that’s why they believe Microsoft has a brighter future than Apple.

  2. I still don’t understand why everyone wants Apple stock to stay undervalued while rival’s stocks values are soaring. It makes no sense to me. I thought the whole idea of an investment was to have it increase yet you people seem happy when it goes down. What’s the point of owning a stock that doesn’t go up in value? Most lousy stocks can achieve that much.

    That short-interest only shows how investors think poorly about Apple’s future where money can only be made on the stock falling in value. Is owning stock in a company continually losing value something to be proud of?

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