Apple looks poised to sell 21 million Apple Watch units generating $8.4 billion in first year

“Cupertino is on track to sell 21 million watches and rake in about $8.4 billion in revenue in the first 12 months of the Apple Watch, according to one of the hottest Apple analysts around,” David Pierini reports for Cult of Mac. “Not bad for a company that entered the wearables game late.”

“The projections come from Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, who presented his findings at the Glance conference in San Francisco,” Pierini reports. “If Dediu is correct about Apple moving 20 million units in its first year (and he usually is), this would further cement Apple as the king of the fast-growing smartwatch segment.”

“Only 6.8 million smartwatches were sold in 2014 by 89 companies, according to a report by Smartwatch Group,” Pierini reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook has been coy about Apple Watch sales figures, saying only that they exceed company expectations.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Revenue of US$8.4 billion in year one. Not too shabby.

To put Apple Watch’s performance in perspective: For the first nine months of 2015, LVMH’s “Watches & Jewelry” segment generated US$2.623 billion in total revenue.

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  1. The same voices shrill and smug dismissed the iPhone and the Apple stores for example. They were wrong, wrong, wrong. Their crustacean instincts fail every time. Buggy-whip analysts, hanging on for dear life to the running board of the careening roadster!

  2. I’ve had my watch a few weeks. It is useful in many little ways.

    A friend asked if it made phone calls. I did not know. Pressed a button, told Siri to “phone George X” …and his phone rang! George wants an Apple Watch for Christmas.

    Right now I am traveling in Rome. My watch can display my location on a city street map, which is actually useful. (I can keep my phone in my bag or jacket pocket.) If I lookup directions to a destination from my apt (which has wifi; I did not bother getting a local SIM card, and don’t want to pay roaming charges), my watch will give me turn-by-turn directions thru my watch, which vibrates to announce upcoming turns.

    I discovered I can turn on …and control… my iPhone music from my wrist. When cooking pasta, i just set the timer on my wrist.

    It is handy in many little ways. The busier people are, the more they will appreciate the watch.

    One reason I bought the Apple Watch was actually to tell time. I’ve not worn a watch for years — it is a hassle to track down and replace watch batteries when they fail — though I actually like to wear a wrist watch. My watches are sitting in a drawer, dead, since Walmart (only place I could find them!) stopped selling watch batteries.

    So, ya, I think they are useful pieces of technology.

  3. I’ve had my watch since launch day, I was dubious about the whole ‘how will this fit into my life’ area, but I use it daily and use my iPhone less.

    The watch is an excellent device, dealing with email, messages, reminders, directions, weather and paying in stores, it is my go to device, why? Because it’s always there.

  4. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Apple Watch since last April. I’ve also been disappointed from some of the “professional reviews” I have read written by writers whom I have felt don’t really appreciate Watch’s many use cases and benefits in proper perspective. I have talked to many people over the months whom I have spotted wearing the Watch and I have heard a 98% ratio of praise feedback in my unscientific polling (around Seattle).

    So just now I looked up the CUSTOMER REVIEW ratings from 3 websites tonight. I discovered the following:
    1) At Target, there are 36 reviews for the Sport model. Of those, 34 reviews are rated at 5 stars and 2 reviews are rated 4 stars.
    2) At Amazon, there are 315 reviews for the Sport model. The cumulative totals show a 4.5 average rating out of 5 stars.
    3) At Best Buy, there are 1,456 written reviews for the Sport model. The cumulative totals indicate a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.
    I like it that these are the very high ratings of real users in the real world. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself.

    The Watch makes a wonderful gift and its “nifty-gifty” packaging will make your “presentation” complete.

  5. the watch is stupid. really the pricing is wrong. this thing should be in the 99 to 199 price range. 18 karat gold, what’s the price? the stuff inside is the same as what’s in the cheapest watch. no even an ounce of gold cost this much. buy cheap watch and tape the ounce of gold to it or pull the ounce out of your pocket and show people.

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