Major expansion of Apple’s Elk Grove campus could mean several thousand new jobs in California

“Construction work quietly underway at Apple’s campus in Elk Grove is for a major expansion that could mean several thousand new jobs, city officials say,” Mark Anderson reports for The Sacramento Business Journal. “The company is converting a 134,000-square-foot warehouse into a logistics operation. That move, along with addition of 1,450 parking spaces beginning last summer, points to many more employees, said Darrell Doan, the city’s economic development director.”

“Apple, which has pulled a series of building permits recently, is investing at least $13 million in the Elk Grove campus,” Anderson reports. “Work includes adding medical and dental facilities, a massage room, exercise room and yoga studio.”

“City officials say the company also is working with the city’s transportation department to evaluate bus service for Apple employees and subcontractors at the site through several shifts,” Anderson reports. “The Elk Grove site handles warehousing and distribution as well as a customer-support call center. Some reports have said Elk Grove delivers iPhone repair and logistics. The site also has the electrical capacity to support a major data center, so it could be a co-location center for iTunes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good news for Elk Grove and Sacramento County!


  1. I drive by this facility every day going to and from work, and there’s been activity for some time. For awhile, there were some picket signs out targeting the contractor on the project, but they haven’t been there lately, so it looks like that little kerfuffle is resolved.

    Would be really nice if they’d carve out a little space for an Apple Store, though I probably would quickly blow through just about all discretionary spending funds.

  2. But Apple supposedly doesn’t have a future, so why are they hiring more employees. Hiring new employees will probably drive Apple’s share price down because when company lay-offs are announced their stocks usually go up. Apple must have some special projects they’re not telling anyone about.

  3. They have an additional 28 acres of undeveloped land along side the campus. They used to manufacture Macs at that location. Then it became iPhone tech support. Now it looks to be an R&D facility. Lots of upscale features are being added for recruitment, including a yoga facility. Sacramento, is about 3 hours drive from San Jose/South Bay Area. It is also seismically stable, however elevation wise, could be at the bottom of the Bay of California.

    Good good good. Real estate agents are excited.

    Question: What’s the chance Sir Jony Ive will move there?

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