TDK’s CEO hints at more iPhone orders from Apple next year

“Japanese smartphone parts maker TDK Corp expects to win more orders next year from a major North American customer whose high-end phones are set to carry improved features, its chief executive said, in a reference to Apple Inc and its iPhones,” Makiko Yamazaki and Reiji Murai report for Reuters.

“‘Expectations for the next year are high,’ Takehiro Kamigama told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday, suggesting that the next-generation iPhone is expected to carry more of its high-frequency filters per handset,” Yamazaki and Murai report. “He declined to quantify the expected orders. Apple is widely believed to be a major client of TDK, although the company has never publicly named it.”

“TDK, once a successful audio tape maker, prospered in magnetic heads for hard disk drives until demand for personal computers peaked out,” Yamazaki and Murai report. “Over the last few years, it has revamped itself into a key smartphone parts supplier, with main products including rechargeable batteries, high-frequency filters that sort out radio signals, and tiny parts called capacitors that control the flow of electricity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More discounting of Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garca’s so-called “channel-checks.” Is this the sort of action you’d hoped to generate, Kulbinder?

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  1. “suggesting that the next-generation iPhone is expected to carry more of its high-frequency filters per handset”

    What does this have to do with the Credit Suisse report….

    1. Credit Swiss put out a BS report that iphone sales are slow and based that conclusion on Apple cutting orders with suppliers..

      Since then couple suppliers have broken sales records and guided to a very healty 2016..

  2. Great to see an intelligent company successfully re-invent itself when the world’s use of technology changes! MUCH better than just moaning about it and going broke. 🙂

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