Apple’s Touch ID is the gift that keeps on giving

“I use a Killspencer iPhone 6 case that affixes to the back of my phone and keeps my driver license and three credit cards with me at all times. Nothing could be easier than pulling out a card and swiping to purchase,” Matt Asay writes for ReadWrite. “Nothing, it turns out, except Apple Pay.”

“The reason has nothing to do with Apple Pay, per se, and everything to do with Touch ID, which is by far the biggest innovation in mobile phones in a long, long time,” Asay writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook declared 2015 would ‘be the year of Apple Pay.’ A year later, it’s clear that 2015 has been anything but that… while Apple Pay adoption keeps rising, that rise is very, very slow.”

“As for why adoption has been so slow, chalk it up to inertia and ignorance,” Asay writes. “Ignorance of Apple Pay will fade over time, leaving the biggest problem being ease of use. But I’d argue that this, too, has more to do with ignorance than anything else… All you actually have to do is hold the phone near the register with your finger on the Touch ID ‘home’ button. That’s it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Pay with Apple Watch is even more magical.


  1. I’ve been using Apple Pay since I got my iPhone 6s (rose gold) and I’ll never go back to swiping plastic cards. I just need Apple Pay to be made available everywhere I shop and I’ll be all set!

  2. Apple Pay is super safe to. The press had a field day arguing that fact. When Samstupid released the copy cat SamsungPlayedYou, the press was nowhere to harass Samstupid.

  3. Stopped by the Apple Store today to grab an extra charge cable for my new Watch, got to use Apple Pay on the Watch for the first time. (Glad I used it there first.. I had no idea about double clicking the button first, i’d have looked real stupid trying to use it like my iPhone)

  4. Apple Pay is going gang busters here in the UK. So much so, that Mastercard have offered free London transport every Monday over the holiday season if a user uses Apple Pay; in addition, all banks in the UK, except Barclays, are touting Apple Pay as their competitive advantage (Barclays are just slow off the mark, as usual …. And losing customers in the process!).

  5. As usual, the writer is a bloomin’ idiot. The problem is not ignorance or inertia, it is AVAILABILITY. Since Apple Pay only works on iPhone 6 and greater, there’s a whole host of people with older devices that can’t use it and/or see it as not a sufficient reason to upgrade. Until most folks on an iPhone have an Apple Pay-capable iPhone, the problem of adoption will remain. That is the main driver, not ignorance, you ignorant writer.

    1. You pretty much nailed it. I love Apple Pay, but I wouldn’t have upgraded early for it. Most people who buy an iPhone intend to keep it for 2 or 3 years, no matter what cool new features are introduced in the next model.


  6. ApplePay was one of the features I wanted when I bought my Apple Watch. Now that I have an iPhone with ApplePay and the temperatures have dropped and I’ve begun wearing winter coats I find the phone easier by far. It’s a one handed motion and doesn’t require struggling with my sleeve. In fact, if I had purchased my Watch in a colder month, I don’t think I would have made a habit of wearing long enough to see the utility.

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