Anti-terror iPhone app lets U.S. citizens report those who look suspicious

“New Yorkers now have a new tool in the fight against terrorism – a smartphone app,” Sophie Jane Evans reports for The Daily Mail.

“The app, dubbed ‘See Something, Send Something’, allows people across the state to send photos and information of suspicious-looking people and activities to officials with the tap of a screen,” Evans reports. “They can do so anonymously, without the fear of appearing discriminatory.”

“After receiving a terror report via the app, the New York State Intelligence Center will then look at it and evaluate its credibility, before alerting the relevant enforcement agency if it is deemed real,” Evans reports. “The app was unveiled last night by Governor Andrew Cuomo in the wake of the Paris massacre, during which 130 people were killed by terrorists in a series of shootings and suicide bombings.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: See Something Send Something is the preeminent nationwide suspicious activity reporting (SAR) tool for citizens to help in the fight against terrorism, developed by My Mobile Witness, Inc. It’s actually been available on the App Store since July. As opposed to “unveiling” it, Cuomo merely encouraged New Yorkers to report suspicious activity through the app.

More info and download link for the “See Send” via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Cue the late-night drunken photos abusing this app.
    And how many people will the company employ to look at all these submissions? Probably computer-assessed/assisted, but stil…

    1. I also think it’s fascinating that you managed to take something inaccurate and make it imply something blatantly false. Your comment made it sound like the new law prevented police from having ANY ammunition, when even the bogus worry was that they’d be stuck with 7 per clip rounds instead of 14.
      Of course, they had a pre-existing exemption from limits anyway.
      Just interesting how you had to escalate something already incorrect to implying something completely ridiculous.

      1. @Krioni: Welcome to the political discussions on this board. Some of the right wingers are in the same league as The Donald when it comes to spreading downright lies.

  2. This will be worthless as people report every little thing, like the recent story in San Francisco where a minority woman, who, locked out of her apartment, got a locksmith to open her door. A neighbor called 911 and reported a break-in. The PD responded with about a dozen officers with weapons drawn. The neighbor who called actually sounded drunk on the call.

  3. Make jokes all you want, but honestly, if your goal is to avoid a terrorist attack, and you have crowd-sourced information on anything suspicious, even if it’s just dumb shit, if you avoid it ALL then you’re still more likely to avoid an attack. So next time I see a shady Muslim, I’m posting it, regardless of whether they’re a terrorist or not. At least people can avoid 100% of Muslims, which will include the small percentage of ones who are planning an imminent attack.

    1. That’s really stupid. And racist. If law enforcement are harassing innocent people left and right, they won’t have time to deal with real problems. Furthermore, in a world where idiots like you teach Muslims (and anyone else you hate) to avoid the police, they might be afraid to report suspicious activity THEY see.
      Also, this kind of abuse is exactly what extremists want: goad bigots into baseless attacks on innocent, law-abiding folks. Eventually, people who are tired of being abused when they were doing nothing wrong might snap and decide to fight back.
      Good job: racist cowards like you are terrorist recruiting ads.

        1. Of course it’s racist, demondeath. By far and away the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and upstanding humans. And Islam is as peaceful and/or violent as Christianity. Read the bible. A very tiny minority of Muslims are terrorists. Just like the vast majority of Christians and Jews are peaceful but some are not. All sorts of horrendous things have been done in the name of Christianity – and still are (e.g., KKK, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia). But the world doesn’t label all Christians terrorists, so why label all Muslims?

        2. You are right! It is not racist to hate Muslims because they are not a race, they are a world religion. If you wanted to profile Muslims in the Middle East as a race, you would find out that they are Caucasian. Look it up.

          Perhaps the killing of young women by drowning or burning at the stake is something you hate too. Just look back into the history of the US of A and find out how Christians dealt with their fears agains invisible enemies. Oh yeah, that was different somehow, right?

          When you characterize yourself with a moniker like demondeathkill, it is obvious to all who read your posts that you are afraid of everything and portray yourself as able to overcome it by killing anything you are scared of. I have a great amount of sympathy for you and you overriding fears. Take courage from building an inner strength and you will be able to live life without fear.

          1. I am an atheist, not a Christian. All religion is inherently evil. Just because one religious person is not a terrorist does not mean they don’t stand by the same cause terrorists do. They’re still Muslim/Christian either way. Just saying it’s probably a good idea to start by abolishing a religion that teaches you to spread the word of Islam by the sword and to behead all non-believers. Christianity is a dormant disease. We must first deal with the one that threatens humanity’s continued existence.

            1. Good thing there’s no examples of atheists slaughtering people then, right?
              People are broken, and religion is just one excuse among many that people use to excuse their bad behavior. Political beliefs and other philosophies are other excuses, not even including those who don’t bother with excuses.
              By focusing on religion as the cause, rather than just part of the issue, you over-simplify to the point of missing what is actually happening.

  4. Apple doesn’t have a New York app store, just a USA one and will be available to anyone in the US. I assume if they are sent a report via the app from someone in California or Utah and they deem it to be credible, they will still alert the relevant enforcement agency.

  5. All things considered, I’m rather surprised Apple allowed this app to make it into the App Store.

    To paraphrase Pogo and Orwell, “We have met Big Brother and he is us.”

  6. I live in New York City, and one of the things that distinguish it from every other city, with perhaps San Francisco being the exception, is the number of “suspicious” looking people. We have all sorts of freaks, weirdos, religions, and ethnicities, We have crazy people walking down the street talking to themselves, people handing out all sorts of literature, people posting all sorts of signs, people posting notices of “potentially suspicious meetings…”

    Then you have the people who are overly paranoid to whom just plain everyone who doesn’t look like them looks suspicious.

    What a stupid app.

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