Apple CEO Tim Cook in the running for TIME’s Person of the Year 2015

TIME Magazine’s editors will choose the 2015 Person of the Year, but you can your vote for the person you think most influenced the news this year for better or worse.

Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 4, and the combined winner of our reader polls will be announced on Dec. 7. TIME’s Person of the Year will be announced Dec. 9.

TIME’s Person of the Year will be revealed on NBC’s Today Show on December 9. The news will be shared simultaneously on TIME’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.

TIME’s Person of the Year 2015 nominees and current public vote tally:

11.2% – Bernie Sanders
4.8% – Malala Yousafzai
3.7% – Narendra Modi
3.7% – Pope Francis
3.5% – Barack Obama
3.2% – Stephen Colbert
3% – Refugees
2.9% – Elon Musk
2.7% – Cecile Richards
2.4% – Angela Merkel
2.3% – Donald Trump
2.2% – Anthony Kennedy
2.2% – Loretta Lynch
2% – Adele
1.9% – Misty Copeland
1.9% – J.K. Rowling
1.9% – Viola Davis
1.9% – Vladimir Putin
1.8% – François Hollande
1.7% – Serena Williams
1.7% – Jennifer Lawrence
1.7% – Sundar Pichai
1.7% – John Kerry
1.7% – Muhammadu Buhari
1.6% – Jorge Ramos
1.5% – Mark Zuckerberg
1.4% – Caitlyn Jenner
1.4% – Bashar Assad
1.3% – Nicki Minaj
1.3% – Amy Schumer
1.3% – Taylor Swift
1.3% – Tim Cook
1.3% – Hillary Clinton
1.2% – American Pharoah
1.2% – J.J. Abrams
1.2% – Carli Lloyd
1.1% – Mahmoud Abbas
1.1% – Marco Rubio
1% – Hassan Rouhani
1% – Paul Ryan
1% – Drake
1% – Benjamin Netanyahu
1% – Ben Carson
0.9% – Megyn Kelly
0.9% – Xi Jinping
0.8% – Travis Kalanick
0.8% – Lin-Manuel Miranda
0.8% – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
0.8% – Palmer Luckey
0.7% – Janet Yellen
0.6% – Mukesh Ambani
0.6% – Kim Kardashian West
0.5% – Jeb Bush
0.5% – Carly Fiorina
0.5% – Ted Cruz
0.4% – Kim Davis
0.3% – Charles and David Koch

Head over to TIME’s yes/no and and face-off polls to cast your vote here.


    1. Yes, like being a hardcore leftist with zero accomplishments can qualify you for the Noble Peace Prize, as it did Obama when he won it without ever having done a single thing for “peace”.

    1. You might not agree with Bernard’s policies, but he did bring back leftist discourse to the country. This is quite important since in the last decade or two there were no true left-leaning politicians in Democratic party. Barack was/is right-winger with fake leftists rhetoric that he only cared of during elections. Hillary was Republican in her youth, and by matter of most of hear real deeds she is still Republican — a hawkish one. Bernard has brought leftist ideas back to real discussion.

      Among Republicans, Rand is failing to do the same for the party what Bernard did for Democrats. He is not successful with pushing classical conservative positions. The party is overrun with politicians that do not care at all about personal freedoms and liberties, they want huge government to dictate people certain sects of religion, as well as intervene in personal matters, and blow up spendings with more trillions of USDs on more wars that only enrich their corrupt crony-capitalist masters/donors.

      This is why for USA, Bernard’s entrance is quite important. Someone has to fight for workers, for students, for universal healthcare, honest discussion on pros and cons of those policies is necessary. So he might deserve the title of Person of the Year.

      Globally, person of the year in mostly humanitarian/almost “pure goodness” sense is probably Pope Francis. He seems to be genuinely kind and loving elderly, so even if you do not agree with him, you can accept that he is truly good natured grandpa.

      In terms of global/historic political power, Putin might be the person of the year this time. He has taken certain steps that changed direction to where Middle East is going. He is not letting Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey — alas, with silent support of USA — to turn Syria into another heads-chopping Wahhabi/Salafist tyranny — the plan now is impossible to implement. The coalition has almost stopped to bomb ISIS around half year ago so the group, as well as Al-Qaeda and other jihadists would run over Syrian government. And they continued to arm “moderate” “rebels”. But now Syria is going to stay secular and non-sectarian state, though the fight with terrorists is going to be quite long. Putin is not joking, there will be no Caliphate in Syria.

      1. As much as I hate to say it about Putin, your last para was pretty much spot on. Sometimes realism has to be supported against unachievable wishful thinking that has worked out so badly previously in Iraq. And you know despite all the claims that taking that sort of action would reflect badly on the West and damage its standing internationally, I can’t but help think that Putin will come out of this with increased respect around the World.

  1. Plus 1 from me. Tim has finally, after three years of broken promises (and three OS releases), fixed apple mail IMAP so it now works. And if he fixes iTunes and iPhoto and iWork and the app store, he should be the Nobel Prize. Allahu Akbar!

  2. Gee, I could never in a million years guess anything about the demographics of Time’s readers.

    When you can’t get more votes from Dem/Lib/Prog’s than a guy in a dress hopped up on estrogen and are barely ahead of Marco Rubio, you’ve got no chance, Tim.

    Hopefully, this doesn’t cause Tim to waste even more time on fringe kook projects like “fixing global warming” (global wealth confiscation/transfer) or getting guys in dresses who are hopped up on estrogen free access into ladies restrooms at Apple.

      1. The Economy and American people do better under Democrats than Republicans. Historical fact.

        Republicans brand is they are good at National Security, Foreign Affairs and the Economy, yet 9-11, the Great Depression and Great Recession, and any number of Foreign Policy screw ups happened on their watch.

        Branding does not make anything fact- like Fox News, for example.

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