Making the case against an Apple television set

“The Apple TV and iPhone were both formally introduced to the world on January 9th, 2007,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “One went on to sell over 700 million units and is now responsible for an active installed base of approximately 500 million users. The other was classified as a hobby and went on to sell ‘only’ 20 million units.”

“In 2014, Apple reportedly shelved the idea of selling its own television set,” Cybart writes. “Given renewed focus around the launch of a new Apple TV platform, have the odds of Apple having second thoughts about selling its own branded television set gone up? No. Upon closer examination, there are very few reasons to justify an Apple-branded television set.”

Cybart writes, “In fact, a very strong case revolving around the television’s ultimate value in a mobile world can be made demonstrating why an Apple television will not receive the green light to market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Agreed. Apple can’t even bother to offer even a 27-inch 4K standalone display, much less a 5K display to match/pair with their 27-inch iMac, so it’s difficult to imagine they have any interest whatsoever in making an Apple-branded “TV set.”


    1. Television(s) are mostly about the picture display.
      Television is mostly about content and broadcasting.
      Apple doesn’t make phones either; they farm them out.
      Apple controls the quality of components used to build the items it sells.

      Google doesn’t make their phones.
      Amazon doesn’t build or manufacture theirs.
      Why would you even think that way?

      Hmmm perhaps if Apple wants total control – OS / HARDWARE then it should have its own manufacturing plants too. Apple sure pays plenty to FoxConn and Samsung to assemble iDevices – why bother – just buy the plant.

  1. iMac is the Apple TV.
    The lines of Television and Internet were blurred back in June 1998 with the original introduction of iMac. And over the years the 6 design forms that iMac has bee through have lead to a clear direction of all other televisions too. And the iMac still stands as the smartest tv out there.

    1. Yeah, most SmartTVs basically have their own version of an AppleTV inside. WebOS based or Android based. Yet a 27″ iMac sure delivers far more power inside than any 30, 40, 50 or 60″ SmartTV – and outshines them all, with a 5K retina display.

  2. 1: No margins! Apple generally pulls in a margin of about 40%, but TVs are closer to 10%.
    2: Apple prices. Apple products are never cheap, some would say for good reason, but I can easily see Apple charging about $2,000 for the size screen I paid $700 for.
    3: No upgrade cycle. Some people upgrade their phones almost every year, but I don’t know anyone who swaps out their TV set until it dies.
    4: AppleTV. The product they already have allows the consumer to choose their TV screen, replace it when they choose, upgrade for under $200, take it with them when traveling.

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