Tim Cook: Apple won’t create ‘converged’ MacBook and iPad

“Speaking to Independent.ie, [Appele CEO Tim] Cook denied that the death of computers such as the Mac was imminent and said that there would be a market for such traditional personal computers for the foreseeable future,” Adrian Weckler reports for the Independent.ie.

We feel strongly that customers are not really looking for a converged Mac and iPad. Because what that would wind up doing, or what we’re worried would happen, is that neither experience would be as good as the customer wants. So we want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world. And putting those two together would not achieve either. You’d begin to compromise in different ways. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

“Last week, Cook appeared to suggest that PCs had outlived their usefulness,” Weckler reports. “‘I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?’ he was quoted as saying in The Daily Telegraph. However, it is understood that Cook was referring to Windows PCs and not Apple ones. ‘We don’t regard Macs and PCs to be the same,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Tuesday:

Notice he didn’t say “Mac.”

Apple’s Tim Cook declares the end of the PC and hints at new medical product – November 10, 2015


  1. “And putting those two together would not achieve either. You’d begin to compromise in different ways.”

    Would that be similar to how Pages was castrated to make it compatible with Pages on iOS? Ah, yes.

    1. Yep, Tim. Please apply the same principle to Pages. You could easily have a more full-featured, “real” Pages operating on Macs with a more modest version on iOS that can do basic editing in the same documents. Will Pages 5 get back to the capability of Pages 4 before I die?

      1. Following MDN for the last few months one would come to believe that decrepitude has crept into the shining saviour of the rest of us formerly known as Apple. Clearly this stinking carcass has to be left at the feet of Tim Cook, because who else? I will tell you what, though. I have imagination enough to visualise the same sequence of world events, explosive growth of the tech sector of the economy, and the gangly growing pains of Apple happening all on the watch of a healthy, and angry, Steve Jobs. My question is, under those circumstances would the attitudes of the faithful, of the trolls, and of the scabrous lot known as the press sing a different tune? I don’t know the answer to such a hypothetical question but I suspect Tim Cook is easier pickings than Steve Jobs for those inclined to complain. Not saying I’m any different, only trying to think different.

    2. When it becomes practical to merge tablet and laptop or the iPhone and a little earpiece or the Apple Watch, then you can bet that Apple will do it. The death of desktops and laptops may not be “imminent,” but there is no doubt that time are changing…and changing at a more rapid pace than in the past. It took over two decades for laptops to pass desktop computers. The iPhone, which is an even more portable computer, blew past both of them in around five years (rough estimate, I did not research the figures and do the math).

      The trend is clear – handheld or wearable, long battery life, WiFi connectivity, flexibly and powerful app ecosystem. Apple started this approach, and Apple will continue to evolve and disrupt where it sees opportunities. And, if Aaple some days envisions a way to blend tablets and laptops together effectively, then you can bet that Apple will do it. Because that is the way Apple works.

      People who think that Apple has lost its way are wrong. Apple is not that fragile. The company is simply doing much more than it used to do in parallel, and the things that it is doing are far more complex than just shepherding the Mac and its OS through the years.

  2. Could not disagree more with Tims take
    An adaptable OS on a hybrids device would not in anyway be a compromise!
    Detach the screen ( or fold it back ) it switches to ios
    Attach the screen to the base and you have OSX.

    The new mack book proves that the form factor is feasable and can be a beautiful design.

    All thats needed is some engineering to achive the dual os adaptable end of it..
    Nice screen that can be detached.. Or swiveled and folded back on the keyboard .. Etc.
    Its doable. It has no a compromise and it can be a sexy design.

    His statement reminds me of Steves comment about the ipad mini.
    “dead on arrival, one will need to shave their fingertips to use it ”
    Well is was not dead on arrival. And if i dont need to shave my fingertips on a 3.5 inch iphone ( then) why would i need to shave them for a small ipad .,…

    Or Tim Cook saying
    ” trust ne the iphone (3.5 inch) is the right size ”
    One year or so later they broke all records with larger iphone .

    Tim is either misdirecting the market… Or his statment is not fully thought out… Imho

    1. Once again, you’ve proven how you are so much smarter than Tim Cook (and also Steve Jobs) who don’t think that the Mac and iOS devices should be combined into a toaster fridge.

      Is there any way that you can start your own competing company and take Apple’s entire client base away from them?

      1. Lol… The two examples i wrote in my post are not figments of my imagination friend… They are facts… Facts of mistakes and wrong calls made by Steve and Tim… ( there are tons more than the couple i have mentioned)
        You are throwing sarcastic and defensive comments around Without an ounce of though about the facts stated.
        Why be so defensive?
        Is it your opinion that no one outside of Tim or Steve can have ideas that may be good or even once in a blue moon better?
        ( oh by the way you forgot to mention Ives) .. Is Apple perfect?

        That is so ridiculouse of an aporoach that if Apple subscribed to it..there would have been no Apple today.

        Also interesting is that u would express yourself in the tone you did .. Without any idea about who i am and what my background is..

        The worst and most dengerouse thing about Apple are the blind, defensive fanboys …

        Your post is more telling about u than anything else .

    2. > An adaptable OS on a hybrids device would not in anyway be a compromise!

      Not in ANY way? There are compromises. For example, if you make a detachable screen, the screen portion of the “laptop” needs to be thicker and heavier because it must hold the computing parts and its own battery. That makes it top-heavy as a laptop, and therefore less usable. It is more space-efficient to place the computing parts and battery in the portion with the keyboard (not behind the screen), so the overall device becomes thicker. Compromise.

      If you make the keyboard portion “fold back,” the overall device is much thicker and heavier when used as a tablet. Compromise.

      As an Apple device, if it must act as a Mac and as an iPad, it needs to have more storage to hold the software and data for both. It needs to have an input device (like a trackpad) in Mac mode, which is not used in iPad mode. It needs to have a touchscreen in iPad mode, which is not used (as a touchscreen) in Mac mode. Such as device is, by design, a compromise.

      1. Well my thoughs were a detachable- swivel-foldback screen.
        One has the option to detach it and have a pure tablet.
        One can leave it on and swivel fold it if they want spontaneous access to keyboard and osx and laptop mode.
        The idea gives the user a choice .. Choice and flexibility is good imho.
        As for weight/size, u seem to neglect that technology moves forward.. Miniaturization is at full pace.

        The new macbook would have been impossible 4-5 years ago..
        Its reality today.. And 10 years from now it will look like an obsolete product!
        Compare the 1st iphone to the iphone today…..etc.

        Do you believe iPadPro is a viable product? ( which i love by the way ).
        Its heavier.. More awkward to hold as a tablet.. Apple offers a keyboard for it which makes it thicker.
        ( most everything you found wrong with the idea of a hybrid , but yet its apples newest product )

        A slightly heavier hybrid with adabtable os would definitly be Feasable and practical Now .
        Let alone in a few years when thechnolgy has moved forward! And cloud storage and computing is even more mainstream

        If you note , in my post, i said the idea has zero compromises …
        But The engineering has to be worked out.
        And i believe in Apple enough to know they can pull it off !

        It is my belief that with the advent of cloud computing.. The eventuality is in a singular Apple os that is smart enough to ideally adapt to the way it is being utilized.. Ical that 😉

        1. I was responding to your statement that “hybrids device would not in anyway be a compromise.” Obviously, there ARE compromises in a “hybrid” device, compared to a “pure” laptop or tablet. THAT is Tim Cook’s point, NOT that it is technically feasible. Many good AND bad ideas as technically feasible.

          In fact, EVERY design is a compromise. Compared to an iMac, a MacBook is compromised because it has a small screen and less raw computing power. Compared to a MacBook, an iMac is compromised because it has no battery to serve as a built-in UPS and it is not very mobile. The real issue is ACCEPTABLE compromise. For Apple, a single device that is both an iPad and MacBook is not acceptable.

          To quote Steve Jobs, “You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” Apple says “yes” to producing the best-designed desktop, laptop, tablet, and hand-held computers, and optimizing software for each.

      1. Agreed.. I am sure Tim does that all the time..maybe he will change his mind about this too. Who knows?

        For now im the target of fanboys becouse i disagree with him .

      1. But it COULD work IF every element of time and chance fell into line just so; that was the beauty and genius of Rube Goldberg’s solutions. The laws of probability permit such things. They permit Maxwell’s Demon to sort molecules by energy and turn your cold coffee warm spontaneously. Granted, the assigned probability value for miraculous events is extremely low, but science does permit them. It does trouble to explain them later, but it permits them.

        All that being said, our thinking is based on maximum probabilities as determined by brains evolved for survival and reproduction. Still, novel ideas can appear and overwhelm the status quo. The battle for the soul of the species, and its future, is taking place here and now on the internet.

  3. For sometime now I’ve vowed I’d never have another desktop, thinking my wife’s iPads, our iPhones, and my 13″ MacBook Pro were all we needed.

    But having finally bought a new camera, going from 8 to 24 megapixels, I find my laptop lacking. I’m now using the free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud with Photoshop and Lightroom, and my poor old screen just ain’t hacking it.

    Now I’m pondering a 27″ Retina iMac, which kinda gives me a stiffie. At least the 27″ starts with a 1TB Fusion drive, but the 21.5″ models all have a base 5400 rpm drive, with another $100 to up it to a 1TB Fusion. What a crock!

    And of course the RAM is stupid as usual, with a 27″ base of 8GB (2x4GB) which can be upped to 16 GB (2x8GB) for $200. But for 32GB (4x8GB) it’s $600 more. What the hell? Anyway, I’ll just get the base amount and go to OWC for an upgrade.

    Stupid penny pinching on stuff like this while they poor billions into real estate just gives people more reasons to rag on them, and gives the haters more reasons to pile on the shite.

    1. You could always use the base 5400 hard drive to run the OS and an external Thunderbolt for storage.

      I agree you shouldn’t have to. My 27″ has the 3TB Fusion, yet I still use two 1 TB external FW 800 drives for music files (one is a clone) and another USB 3.0 external for Time Machine backup of the internal drive.

      1. Well, I’ll be getting the 27″ and it comes with a 1TB Fusion which isn’t too bad. But I’m debating going with a 256GB Flash drive for $100 more and using it for the OS which should make for snappy performance, and then with a fast external for most storage. I need to check on speeds between the Flash and Fusion drives. No matter what, I’d never put a 5400 in a desktop; it makes no sense with the prices today.

        1. “But I’m debating going with a 256GB Flash drive for $100 more and using it for the OS which should make for snappy performance, and then with a fast external for most storage.”

          In my opinion, that would be the best way to go. It’ll cost more upfront, but pay dividends long term.

        2. The SSD will probably stomp the Fusion, although the Fusion (I’m sure you know) has 24 GBs flash for the OS and some high-use apps.

          I replaced the 500GB hard drive in my MacBook Pro with the same size SSD and THAT is an incredible difference (2012 13″) in startup, wakeup, battery usage, heat and access.

          But for my desktop, I am glad I have the Fusion drive for all my crap-apps that I seldom use and also a large amount of photos and videos.
          Of course, your usage will vary.

          Also, I hope THIS post doesn’t offend someone to the point of a 1-star vote (even though we know it has nothing to do with Apple discussion)

  4. What I want is a laptop running os10 that is the size of my iPad mini with a comparably sized keyboard. I love my mini and it’s plenty big for me but I’m hobbled by the iOS.

    1. I would like Apple to release a new 17″ MacBook Pro with the latest connectivity options. Apple had a design that worked great, just needed to be updated every couple years to keep pace with the competition. Apple instead pulled the plug.

      It’s getting painful to see Apple continue to decrease Mac hardware options. With Cook’s only interest being iOS gadgets, I doubt to see he’d attempt webbook sized Macs. Instead Apple released a 2015 MacBook even more compromised than the MacBook Air.

      Apple: Several studies have proven that size of screen is directly correlated to productivity. Let’s not continue to degrade the Mac any more than Apple has already done with its newest non-upgradeable sealed hardware. You killed the 30″ display, you killed the 17″ laptop. What’s the deal, Apple?

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