Quanta reveals it’s assembling next-gen Apple Watch; mid-2016 release?

“According to a new report from China citing Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam, a new generation of the [Apple] Watch is already in the works for a late Q2 2016 release,” Mihai Matei reports for G For Games.

“The Apple Watch was, and still is manufactured (or rather assembled) by Quanta Computer. It was officially announced in September 2014 and released about six months ago in April 2015,” Matei reports. “The latest regarding Apple’s next wearable comes from Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam, who revealed during an investor meeting that a new generation of the Apple Watch is already being worked on.”

“According to rumors that started circulating in the Chinese media, after Quanta founder’s statement,” Matei reports, “the Apple Watch 2 will apparently hit the shelves near the end of Q2 2016 – or less than a year after the original model’s debut.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Apple Watch was released on April 24, 2015. “Near the end of Q2” is late June, or 14 months after the original’s debut, not “less than a year.”


  1. Apple, I upgrade enough of your products too often.

    This is the first year I skipped an iPhone upgrade because I had to squeeze a new ATV and the Apple Watch into my budget.

    I will have to alternate a watch and iPhone upgrade every year. So next year it will be my iPhone and I will have to skip Apple Watch 2.0.

  2. This is the most pointless product I’ve ever seen in my 51 years on earth.

    Tim Cook should be embarrassed by Apple Watch.

    It reminds me of Windows RT, but at least MS got the message and avoided a version two of that disaster.

    Tim Cook on the other hand is not that bright obviously.

    Actually I’m glad the Apple Watch is around because it only reminds the world just how bad of a CEO he really is!

    1. Don’t buy one then! I bought one on day 1 and have been very happy with it since. When YOU don’t have one, you can’t see the point of it.

      Just keep on being the curmudgeon that you are and hate life in general. You can actually accelerate your death by doing so while making the life you have left a living hell.

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