iPad Pro: Day 2 and already making my work better, easier, and faster

“Now that I’ve had two days using the iPad Pro for work, my impression is highly favorable,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “I’ve used iPads for years for my work so I had no doubt the Pro would handle my needs. What I wasn’t prepared for is how well it would do that.”

“What I’ve experienced in my work has been phenomenal. I get more writing done faster when I sit down at the iPad Pro than with any other system I’ve used. My work sessions are shorter as a result,” Kendrick reports. “I recently wrote that I expected the large display of the iPad Pro would be great for using Split View, and that prediction is accurate. I find I have two apps onscreen at once most of the time during the work day and it is far more useful on the big display than on the smaller iPad Air 2.”

“I knew I’d be impressed with the iPad Pro as part of “new gadget syndrome” and while that’s part of it, the positive impact it’s already made on my daily work routine is very real,” Kendrick reports. “The ongoing discussion on the web of whether the iPad Pro is a laptop replacement is silly. There are too many factors at play that prevent this from happening for everyone. Many users need apps only on laptops and that will never change. Others who work better in mobile apps, and I am in that camp, can easily use an iPad Pro instead of a laptop. As I am doing now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro can replace the laptops that are overkill for the vast majority of current personal computer users. People do not need a laptop to browse the Web, check email, do some work processing, and handle a few spreadsheets – the things the vast majority of people currently use personal computers to accomplish. You don’t need to drive a truck to work unless you’re a trucker.

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      1. Not for large files, especially if you spend any time away from rock solid wifi. Apple only hurts itself by refusing to offer users handy FAST local storage options.

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