Ming-Chi Kuo: No Apple iPhones with AMOLED displays until 2019 at the earliest

“Apple won’t embrace AMOLED display technology in the iPhone in the near future, instead opting to stick with its current LCD panels until at least 2018, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said on Tuesday,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The details from Kuo specifically dismissed recent rumors claiming that Apple could switch to an AMOLED display for its 2016 ‘iPhone 7’ upgrade,” Hughes reports. “That’s unlikely, Kuo said, as Apple’s suppliers continue to invest in advanced LCD technology likely to power iPhones for years to come.”

“Specifically, Kuo noted that Foxconn has inked a deal with the government of Henan Province, China, to build sixth-generation LTPS TFT-LCD production lines in Zhengzhou. The plant will enter mass production in 2018, and Kuo is ‘confident’ that the huge investment is for earning TFT-LCD orders for future iPhones,” Hughes reports. “In addition, Japanese supplier Minebea, which provides backlight units for Apple’s iPhone lineup, told investors earlier this month that it does not foresee risk of TFT-LCD share loss to AMOLED in the high-end smartphone market. Minebea officials believe that demand for LCD panels will remain strong in the high-end smartphone market over the next three years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s a lot of life yet to be wrung out of TFT-LCDs.

When Ming-Chi Kuo speaks of materials, specs, and features to appear in future Apple products, listen.


    1. Software can’t be a substitute for hardware. For example, you can’t make a Wireless N wireless card function as a Wireless AC wireless card just by using wireless AC drivers. Hardware can’t be changed via a software update. The difference between LED and LCD is that LCD uses a fluorescent backlight while LED uses an LED backlight. I really don’t think you can just have one backlight in front of another, or in the very least, it wouldn’t work very well.

  1. Another shit forecast from Kuo. Who’s going to remember this “from the ass” prognostication in 2018? This guy gets way too much admiration. I guess that’s the benefit that comes from making dozens of “forecasts”, sooner or later you’ll get one right, and everyone forgets the ones you got wrong.

  2. Wow. Shoving his random predictions further out into the stratosphere of time. I suppose it’s all about getting something or other posted to impress the investor kiddies then covering one’s ass:

    instead opting to stick with its current LCD panels until at least 2018, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said

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