Beleaguered Volkswagen hires expert in self-driving cars from Apple’s ‘Project Titan’

“Volkswagen has hired an expert in self-driving car technology from Apple, sending a signal that it will continue to invest in leading-edge technologies despite the financial burden created by its emissions cheating crisis,” Jack Ewing and Danny Hakim report for The New York Times. “Separately, the company has reached an agreement to largely complete its release of records sought by 47 American state attorneys general by year’s end, people with knowledge of the investigations said. Investigators are examining violations of state law on two fronts for Volkswagen, which in September admitted to installing so called ‘defeat device’ software in 11 million diesel cars worldwide that was designed to detect when cars were in laboratory tests and causing the vehicles to lower their emissions of pollutants.”

“By hiring the former Apple executive Johann Jungwirth, 42, Volkswagen is signaling that the emissions crisis will not prevent the company from trying to keep pace with new developments in the industry. Mr. Jungwirth will lead a newly created Digitalization Strategy Department and report directly to Matthias Müller, the Volkswagen chief executive, the company said,” Ewing and Hakim report. “At Apple, Mr. Jungwirth, a former executive at the German carmaker Daimler, was formally director of Mac systems engineering. But he is widely believed to have been a member of a team working on a secretive car project for Apple.”

“The Apple car project has provoked nervousness among traditional automakers mindful of how the company upended the mobile phone market after it introduced the iPhone,” Ewing and Hakim report. “Before joining Apple last year, Mr. Jungwirth was head of a research and development center in Sunnyvale, Calif., operated by Mercedes-Benz, a unit of Daimler. The center’s projects included research on self-driving vehicles and battery-powered cars.”

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  1. … And next we will hear that Volkeswagen is getting together with Samsung, so that they can both combine their knowledge on how to copy and cheat, which they will need to go up against Apple inc.!

  2. Anyone who believes that Volkswagen is going to skirt this emissions scandal by paying off owners with a $1000 “Goodwill Package” needs some serious re-thinking. $1,000? Ha! Try tripling or quadrupling that figure, VW . . . the amount every affected diesel sedan has depreciated (at the very, very least) from your lying and cheating.

    Don’t settle early or easily, VW owners! Don’t do it!

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