Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting linked to ‘Faraday Future’

“He emulates Steve Jobs’ fashion sense but loves to brag that his company has already surpassed Apple in areas including design, craftsmanship, hardware and business models,” Julie Makinen reports for The Los Angeles Times. “His company — which is involved in film production, “smart” TVs, video streaming, mobile phones, bicycles and more — has been called the ‘Netflix of China.'”

“Last year, he put Tesla in his crosshairs,” Makinen reports. “Jia, chairman and founder of Leshi Internet Information & Technology Co., also known as LeTV, is linked to the Faraday Future electric car start-up in Gardena. Incorporation papers for Faraday list Chaoying Deng — who previously ran a Leshi movie-business affiliate in the U.S. — as Faraday’s chief executive.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Nobody has heard of it? Maybe you’re in the centre of your own little world. Did you know that the world is bigger than the United States? China has a much bigger population than the US and China markets to Africa, the Middle East, India, South America and Europe as well as the US.

      1. So if everyone in China has heard of it, but no one outside of China has heard of it, I think his statement stands. If you want to brag about having “surpassed Apple” you need to have convinced more than the people in your home market, or better convinced people outside of your host country that you even exist.


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  1. net earnings of 7.5 million in 2014

    multiply that by 8 times or so and you got Ahrendts first year salary.
    Last QUARTER apple’s net was 11,100 million.

    apple probably spends more money on R&D on lightning connectors that all of that dude’s one year earnings. So in what from could he possibly surpass Apple innovation (even the maths don’t add up).

  2. When the article was published earlier linking it to Apple the first thing I did was search for the name and this information came, shows the level of research that goes into some articles.

  3. DELUSIONAL: …loves to brag that his company has already surpassed Apple in areas including design, craftsmanship, hardware and business models

    He makes me very wary of ‘Faraday Future’. The word ‘Yugo’ comes to mind.

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