Eddy Cue shows off Apple’s new 12.9-inch iPad Pro at Dropbox Conference

“Ahead of the release of the iPad Pro later this month, Apple executives have been taking part in a variety of enterprise-focused interviews, looking to convince the enterprise market of the device’s usefulness,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “[Wednesday], Apple’s SVP Eddy Cue sat down for a fireside chat with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston at the cloud storage company’s Open conference.”

“Cue at one point during the interview pulled out an iPad Pro to show it off to Houston,” Miler reports. “Regarding iPad Pro, Houston also briefly mentioned Dropbox’s upcoming Paper app, which Houston says is the company’s iPad Pro-focused collaborative editing tool. Dropbox Paper is slated to be available in the first quarter of 2016.”

Miller reports, “Cue wrapped his speech explaining that focus during innovation is hard, noting that it’s ‘not just a checklist of features.'”

Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard
Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re going to go for 128GB Wi-Fi+ Cellular iPad Pro models ($1079). Even though we pretty much always have cellular available via our iPhones’ Personal Hotspot capability, the $130 difference to add a cellular radio isn’t a bad deal, will help with resale, and could become useful when traveling.

iPad Pro buyers, which model will you be choosing and why?


  1. I’m happy people like it, and hope it sells well, but what are the real-world uses for this product? If this ran Mac OS X I would see, but what pro apps are people planning on using on iPad Pro? Just curious.

  2. Our worst fears were confirmed… the iPad ‘Pro’ is just a giant iPad.

    No thanks Tim, I’ll stick with my Air 2 that does the same thing and save 1000 bucks in the process.

    I NEVER used to pass on Apple products, but since Cook took over it now seems as though that’s all I ever do!

      1. The difference between an objective view of a product and one that allows a personal antipathy towards a person colour his view of that product I’m afraid. We all have our likes and dislikes but to claim that someone who ran the company for some time before and for a long time since another person’s death is the exact turning point between products being good or not is as black and white as it gets and thus says more about internal thinking processes of those making the statement than any external reality.

        1. LOL @ objective view. Time to let go of your cherished adjectives, sunshine. No-one is objective, and your news sources sure as freak aren’t. (I know you imagine yourself the zen-like arbiter of truth, but please, your egocentricism is transparent).

          Of course, you and your objectivity pay no mind to the decline that has occurred since Cook (and Ive) have been making the calls. The poster above is unhappy with the quality drop. I am too. A lot of people are. If the buck stops at the top, then I think it’s pretty clear who is accountable for this, either directly or indirectly.

  3. I think Apple’s primary target for this will not be artists and musicians–that market is too small–but rather enterprise. The iPad Pro was designed in tandem with IBM, Salesforce and other companies ready to commit to custom enterprise apps for mobile workforces. Anyone who does work out in the field, from sales on through to real estate, architecture, and countless other fields, will jump on the potential of the iPad Pro for their mobile workforce. A targeted Salesforce app for the iPad Pro will be huge, it will be a game changer.

    On a related note, we still don’t really know exactly when they go on sale, right? So far it’s only rumors and nothing official from Apple?

  4. Cellular, because I have to have a backup hotspot for my Internet. I can’t get hotspot on my iPhone because I have unlimited data. To me, and anyone else who has had both, the difference between a wifi only iPad and a cellular iPad is just as significant as the difference between an iPod Touch and an iPhone. Get cellular, unless you have hotspot on your iPhone.

  5. I hate it that when I see the words, Eddy Cue, I groan. In presos he just comes off as an arrogant buffoon, like Ballmer. Can’t Apple hide people like this?

    The last Apple rollouts have been so insular and self congratulatory, that it has become apparent that this is what is wrong with the newer products. Apple used to be heavily user oriented, human oriented. Now they seem self oriented, stock oriented and profit oriented. Cue just comes off embodying all of this to me. Maybe it is the bulging tacky shirt, or the unwashable image of him dancing to his favorite music for what seemed like an interminable time onstage.

    There have always been internal “stars.” They were the ones that the field mentioned in hushed tones, the ones they thought held the keys to brilliance. But it was always more that they may have held the keys to a promotion. But it didn’t escape to the public. Now that internal culture is spread all over. It’s icky.

    1. I think you have captured a big part of what is going wrong at Apple. If you have quality, you can learn to be cool. If all you have is cool, then you don’t care about quality. Apple is becoming a Roman emperor – glitz and pomp heading up a decaying nonfunctional empire.

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