Bill Ford: carmakers must collaborate with tech companies like Apple

“Bill Ford, executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, has said he wants to transform from a carmaker into a mobility services company,” Madhumita Murgia reports for The Telegraph. “Speaking about whether Ford may partner with the likes of Apple and Google to make driverless technology, Mr Ford said, ‘You never know. I do think partnerships will be important. In my great grandfather’s time, when he founded Ford, there was a single vertical, where they did everything. But one company shouldn’t know it all or do it all. That’s going to change.'”

“Ford has opened an R&D lab in Silicon Valley, where it is encouraging startups in the transportation space to collaborate with Ford,” Murgia reports. “Although customers are becoming more tech-savvy, and expecting their cars to be complex, interactive computers, Mr Ford points out that lots of customers want things to remain uncomplicated. ‘We have to remember that there’s a customer at the other end who just wants their life to work, the technology has to be thoughtfully integrated.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The smart companies will try to work with Apple is whatever ways possible.

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  1. Ahh yes … Technological innovation from the Company that stuck with MS SYNC for far too long!! Here’s an idea for technological innovation Bill … why don’t you offer me a dealer installed CarPlay replacement headunit so I can get rid of MS STYNC / MyFordTouch!!

  2. MyFordTouch MS SYNC 3.0 is due out any day now and comes with a new BSOD certified auto drive feature with random system reboot at 90mph and an in-car audio system powered by MS zune. All original ford stink owners get a free upgrade whether they like it or not.

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