How to use Apple’s News app on your iPhone or iPad

“In a time when nearly all of the world’s news is available on the web, what’s the appeal of the News app under iOS 9?” Jeff L. Carlson asks for iMore.

“In today’s world, we don’t just want to read ‘the news,'” Carlson writes. “We want it delivered: Not tossed onto the digital porch like a newspaper, but curated, with articles that fit our interests.”

Carlson writes, “Apple’s News app isn’t the first one to do this — Flipboard has been a high-profile example of this model for quite awhile — but the company’s program has an advantage over all those in the App Store: It’s part of iOS and available to everyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.”

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  1. I don’t count on Apple News to give me the latest important news. I still go to Google News for that (sorry, but it works). I do use Apple News a lot, though, not for the “latest news”, but because it usually shows me a lot of cool, interesting stories that I might otherwise have missed.

    I’m not sure what publishers are getting out of the deal, though. I’ve only ever seen one ad on the thing,


  2. I had great expectations of News App, but so far it has been a great disappointment. The news that I get on my 6s Plus are at least 3-4 days old. Is there a trick to get latest news? Or this the Apple way to dispense news?

  3. The single thing that annoys me to no end is the seemingly non-stop array of video stories now making their way into the news app. CNN seems to be the most habitual offender. Completely defeats the purpose of the news app.

  4. @afarstar1

    In a way I agree.

    I have not yet found a way to filter the results for the particular category I’m interested in at a given point in time.

    I love the way I can get curated articles on a wide range of very narrow subjects. But after having chosen many such subjects, I’d love to be able to filter on one of those at a time (or a couple at a time). Perhaps through a menu or a screen that lists all of my previously chosen topics.

  5. Old news, jumbled up presentation, poorly thought through. Disappointing. I will stick with the Sydney morning herald, guardian and wsj. Totally agree with the comment about video – I can watch that on to or YouTube if I wanted to. Video is a very inefficient way to deliver information – hard to scan and slow to load.

  6. And have to say, I add MDN to Apple News, and good grief. First time I’ve seen the website without a blocker in forever and forget it. Deleted. Back to the app.

    All those literally blinking flashing ads. I’m surprised anyone looks at it. Ever.

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