Apple TV’s Siri search soon to include Apple Music

“One of the most useful features of Apple’s new Apple TV is its Siri-enabled universal search,” Brendan Klinkenberg reports for BuzzFeed News. “It’s something Apple TV owners have been asking about for years — the ability to quickly and effectively search across multiple video platforms simultaneously.”

“And now that Apple’s enabled it for video, the company is working to extend it to music as well,” Klinkenberg reports. “In a few months, Apple TV owners will be able to tell the device to find a song or album the same way they’d tell it to find a movie.”

Klinkenberg reports, “Apple confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Siri is coming to Apple Music on Apple TV at the beginning of next year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This additional capability could help drive subscribers to Apple Music. Being able to simply ask for any song from among tens of millions is a very powerful tool. Not so many years ago, if we told you that $149 for an Apple TV and $9.99/month would be all it would take to have accesss to virtually every song ever recorded, you’d laugh.


  1. Impressive. A shame that Apple Music is so broken. I’m now on hour #2 waiting for 6 measly songs to download for offline use. 2 hours without success! This on a 300 mb/s corporate line.

    I just dont get how Apple dropped the ball so hard with Apple Music.

    1. Something is wrong with your installation. My offline songs ALWAYS download in seconds, and that is on a measly DSL line. Works like a charm every time. Maybe you need to reinstall.

      1. I dont think so. Safari works fine, the App store works fine. I get blazing download speed on my corporate network. Further, using cellular data doesnt change anything at all. It’s still hours to get tunes downloaded. Remember those 6 songs I posted about above? Now, 4 hours later I’m STILL trying to download the last song. 4 hours!!

        1. I believe you are having trouble, but I don’t know why. I am actually shocked how quickly my “make available offline” songs download to my iphone. It’s very fast and they are ready to go. I have never had any trouble, but I guess some people are.

  2. Music works but has a few wrinkles. On a remote but authorized CPU, playlists containing Music (not owned) songs do sometimes disappear. Restarting iTunes fixes it until the next playlist is selected.


  3. I have long hated Apple’s search, it’s especially bad in Music. If you know the EXACT spelling of a song or the EXACT spelling of the artist, fine, but if not, or if you know some lyrics? Forgeddaboudit. No hope.

    So easy to go to Google and type some lyrics and the song pops up with multiple sites to get the lyrics. Apple has no lyrics, and has no search by lyrics, nor search by the approximate spelling of a song or artist.

    Apple’s search is rubbish.

    Their spelling algorithm is just as terrible. You can be off by one single letter and.. nope, can’t figure out what word you meant to say, it’s spelled wrong. Even if it’s something very obvious like 2 b’s instead of 1 b, or the reverse.

    Apple really needs to hire some people to fix this horrible problem.

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