Apple’s earnings next week may set a new Nasdaq record

“The Nasdaq 100 index, dominated by U.S. technology stocks, may set a record high next week, helped by good earnings from Apple Inc expected on Tuesday,” Rodrigo Campos reports for Reuters. “Factors this coming week that may provide further support for U.S. stocks include a Federal Reserve policy meeting, which is not expected to raise interest rates yet, a report on U.S. third-quarter economic growth, and earnings from Apple. The Nasdaq 100 index, including Apple, is just 1.5 percent below its year high and 4.0 percent from its record high back in March 2000.”

“Apple shares did not post record or multi-year highs this week, even though it rose 7.2 percent, the largest weekly gain in a year. On Tuesday, though, Apple is expected to report $51.1 billion in revenue, a 21.3 percent increase compared to the same quarter of last year. Earnings are seen at $1.879 per share,” Campos reports. “Options market action shows traders expect Apple shares to move roughly 5.0 percent by the end of next week. The average move for the stock the day after its report in the last eight quarters was 4.4 percent, up or down. ‘Will an above-estimates from Apple and raised guidance help? Sure it will. But we could still get there without that happening,’ said Michael James, managing director of equities trading at Wedbush Securities, of the possibility of the Nasdaq 100 hitting a record.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One thing’s for sure: Anything can happen, and probably will.


  1. Nahhh, don’t count on it. Same old crap, different quarter.

    The ANALYSTS will pick one little insignificant “failing” and blow it out of proportion – as is the case every reporting season citing “the investors aren’t happy!” As if their “expectations” really mean anything and the “Investors” pay any attention to them!! WTF?? Pure SWAG – Pure Stupid Wildass Guess. What makes them money is all that counts. Time for the SEC to come down hard on them! Oh, crap, wait……not with the current Administration that is in charge. Ah well, I’m 73, made my money and hope the hell some others can be as lucky as I was. . . . . .good luck to all the youngsters out there.

    If I were Apple, my report would be: “Yeah, we did pretty good this quarter, sold a lotsa stuff, have more good stuff coming. Next quarter – it should be pretty good too. Thanks, CYA…….Tim Cook” Quick and to the point!!

    1. “Oh, crap, wait……not with the current Administration that is in charge”

      Oh, like they did with the prior one huh?
      Are you retarded or something, don’t you remember the meltdown?

      1. “Oh, like they did with the prior one huh?”
        Yes, I remember it well including the totally Democratic Congress that stonewalled whatever the other side of the aisle proposed.

  2. Yeah it seems Apple must always go way beyond the call of duty profits before getting a pass from Wall Street. But they always search for something negative to report and if all else fails say “there’s no way Apple can keep making this kind of dough, it must be all downhill from here, it’s got to!”

    They can never win when the fix is in.

    1. says they are still listed, don’t scare me — are you thinking that they were recently added to the DJIA — that’s different, there are a number of indexes and even nasdaq has its own indexes to help investors

    1. There is justice after all. Sucky Sorkin hung himself out to dry on this one and I’ll never look at anything he’s done past, present or future the same way again. Welcome to the Damon Lindelof pantheon of hack writers Aaron!

  3. That’s not really how stock prices work. If Apple is expected to have a good earnings report, that expectation is already built in to the stock price. To push the stock price up from where it is now, Apple’s earnings will have to be significantly better than what was expected.

    Apple could have a very good earnings report, even a historical best, and the price will still go down if the market’s expectation was even higher.

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