Apple hires NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence director

“In what may be another sign that Apple is getting serious about cars, the company has hired Jonathan Cohen, the director of deep learning for chip-maker Nvidia,” Mark Bergen reports for Re/code.

“Nvidia is best-known for its graphics products used for computer games, but it has recently been pushing into the world of autonomous vehicles,” Bergen reports. “Cohen reported the change on his LinkedIn page… Apple currently uses deep learning tech for things like its maps and voice recognition with Siri. Cohen’s new LinkedIn bio doesn’t spell out what he’s up to. ‘I build software,’ it reads.”

“Apple is building up a sizable internal operation around cars. Last week, CEO Tim Cook said that a ‘massive change’ is coming to the industry,” Bergen reports. “‘This is a big hire for Apple,’ Chris Nicholson, co-founder of deep learning startup ‘Nvidia’s GPUs are being used to power auto-pilot systems in cars, so the implications are pretty clear.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Jonathan Cohen at CES 2015 explaining Nvidia Drive PX Deep Learning:


    1. Today I let the Autopilot on my Tesla take control. Nerve-wracking at first but as you begin to trust what it can do it becomes more and more like “SciFi level fruit”. The future is already here!

    1. Sorry, did you see the US manufacturing facility making the Mac Pro? i am sure that there are far more robots Apple has designed and is using in the assembly of many of their products, to technically this would be their first “robot PRODUCT”

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