Apple backs White House international climate change pledge

“Dozens of the world’s largest companies have joined a White House initiative to curb greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy,” Katie Fehrenbacher reports for Fortune. “”

“This summer the first thirteen companies including Apple, Google, Walmart and Coca-Cola committed to President Obama’s climate change program,” Fehrenbacher reports. “On Monday, the White House announced that another 68 companies have taken the pledge, called the ‘American Business Act on Climate,’ bringing the total corporate participants to 81. Big tech companies, global retailers, clean energy firms, food makers, agriculture conglomerates, and a couple of utilities have all signed on.”

“The Obama administration is hoping to target power plant operators through the Environmental Protection Agency Clean Power Plan, which requires that they reduce carbon dioxide emissions.,” Fehrenbacher reports. “The addition of new signers to the White House initiative show how corporate America is increasingly interested in reducing emissions and fighting climate change. Companies are hoping to lower costs, reduce global risk, comply with government regulation, and attract and retain younger employees.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Forget about “climate change” and just look at the dollars and cents: Apple is reportedly making money on these clean energy projects over the long term while also reaping positive feelings about their brand right now. See, everybody: Apple cares.

Regardless of whether “global warming/cooling/whatever” turns out to be a sham or a significant long-term event that humans can affect or over which humans have little or no control, or something else entirely, Apple won’t have egg on its face for generating electricity from the sun rather than from other, less environmentally-friendly, less healthy methods.

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  1. For health, yes. To “stop global warming/climate change,” no.

    Anthropogenic climate change theories are based on temperature records that start in 1880 (about when The Little Ice Age ended), that weren’t exactly accurate, along with a bunch of manipulated “global average” numbers that measure/prove nothing. Ice core data goes back 20,000 years. These show that there were several periods in the last 10,000 years with global temperatures significantly above temperatures today. Note: there were no cars or factories then.

    The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at Bergen, Norway.

    Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

    Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds. — The Associated Press, November 2, 1922

    1. Exactly. True article. But it was local conditions, for one year, and the world is warmer now.

      The anti-science crowd uses the lamest selective arguments.

      The warm weather observed in 1922 was a local event in Spitzbergen, not the whole Arctic. Google “warm year 1922” to get perspective.

      The warmest years on record in order:

      1. 2003
      2. 2006
      3. 2007
      4. 2012
      5. 1998
      6. 2009
      7. 2005
      8. 2013
      9. 2010
      10. 2014

      And 2015 already is up 0.1 degree from 2014 which is a huge jump even compared to all the other record setting years.

      1922 isn’t anywhere near being on the list.

      Suggestion: If you have any actual science post it. If you have politically biased bullshit, keep it to yourself.

          1. Whether you agree with it or not, C02 induced climate change is a scientific theory.

            It is also backed up by scientists publishing scientific papers all over the world. It is backed up by a massive measurable increase in CO2 which is a greenhouse gas. The negative effect of C02 isn’t just warming but increased ocean acidity which is also easily measurable.

            Anti-AGW isn’t science it is a conspiracy theory.

            If YOU have solid science which explains away all the effects documented by thousands of scientists then stop with your conspiracy theories and post your science.

            1. You said it yourself, AGW is a theory. There are other theories saying the planet is cooling, and or changing or nothing significant at all. Nevermark seems to believe the “WARMING” theory to make himself feel good.

              Go here for all the proof you need that AGW is a scam and or not the emergency alarmists would have you believe.


              Remember also that the website posts real articles.

              It’s not a bad thing for Apple or anyone else to find a better source of energy. Just that they haven’t yet on a scale that can replace fossil fuels. Sad but true.

            2. I don’t “believe” the “cooling” theories because scientists all over the work have concluded the evidence backs the “warming” theory.

              Belief is not what is important. Evidence is what is important.

              Evidence is how to pick between theories.

            3. Ahhhh…so that’s the “source” of your “proof”.

              Hate to break it to you, but they’re funded by “CFACT,” which is a CONSERVATIVE (translation: BIASED) organization that refuses to disclose its funding sources (translation: doing so would show their bias that much clearer because it’s likely backed by the oil or coal-industry).

              So, in essence, you might as well have posted something from “Americans for Prosperity” or the “Heritage Foundation”….two other far-right propaganda machines posing as “news” outlets (and both, I believe, funded by billionaire oil barons, the Koch brothers).

    2. Not sure what to attribute your viewpoint to, but here are the possibilities:
      1- Conservatroll for profit. They do exist, you can get paid for posting know nothing stuff on the web.
      2- Volunteer Conservatroll.
      3- Deluded person of minimal education regarding climate change.
      4- Person whose financial interest is threatened by a paradigm shift driven by climate change.
      5- Person whose knows what they are posting is bullshit, but since it is a canonical part of their political view they have to support it publicly.

      The facts are these:
      1-Human activity has larded our atmosphere and oceans with carbon, which has serious consequences for our financial and physical well being.
      2-Conservative, peer-reviewed scientific research has accurately predicted the shifts over time and the outcomes have tended toward the high end of the projections and are accelerating.
      3-Publicly available documents show Exxon knew of this problem from the early 1970’s and shifted over time from a co-operative role with climate scientists to disinformation to protect their business model. Many of the same scientists that prostituted themselves for big tobacco are now doing the same for climate change denial.
      4-Independent, peer-reviewed and professionally made observations and measurements by scientists outside the climate science community show nature is being profoundly changed and challenged by the massive carbon inputs into our environment. Our oceans are acidifying and heating up- destroying many critical parts of the life balance within our oceans.
      5-The intensity, frequency and types of weather events all over the globe reflect the predicted changes for a world with a warmer atmosphere and warmer oceans. More moisture in the atmosphere causes more intense storms- ask people on their 3rd or 4th 500 year severe weather event in a 10 year period.

      Energy efficiency and a shift away from fossil fuels also makes our economy less susceptible to political upheavals overseas, gives us cleaner air, and reduces our carbon input to the atmosphere and oceans. A problem created over a century will take a long time to resolve, so the quicker we shifts the quicker things get better for people not yet born.

      The downstream effects of a changed climate will cause massive economic, political and military disruption to out nation and our planet. People will vote with their feet and no fence can keep them out forever, as Europe is finding out.

      Finally, it is now cheaper to produce useable energy from renewable sources than from fossil fuels in a subsidy free market. The carbon based and nuclear industries are the corporate welfare queens of our age. In a truly free market they are the Dinosaurs on the way out. Renewable energy can be stored or covered to liquid fuels that can be cleanly burned in cars and trucks using existing technology.

      Do not be fooled. The Republicans have a Koch habit and it is dirty, carbon fuels that is killing the planet as we know it.

      Apple is doing the right thing.

      1. That is a great analysis.

        Members of the anti-science herd are going will hold on to irrational denial because they value wishful thinking more than being productive.

        In the meantime, virtually every major organization from insurance companies, militaries, and even the major oil companies have acknowledged reality because they have to operate in reality.

    3. Global Warming is going to be a huge problem,,,, maybe, in about a million years…

      There is no significant warming, and AGW is based on debunked science, tweaked data and for every model that says ‘warming’ there are others that say “change” and others that say we should have been under water by 2015… (like Al Gore predicted) ,,, The Democrats are with anything that will raise taxes, increase population control and pander for votes.

      It’s so sad watching self righteous Libs and progressives attach themselves to this ’cause’
      so that they feel good about themselves.

      Global Warming is certainly NOT an emergency, so the hypocrite progs here smearing republicans as deniers and anti science are so typical, and I guarantee hypocrites, who use and benefit from Fossil fuels every day. Fossil fuels SAVE billions of people from starving and freezing to death every year.

      It’s hilarious that ALL Global Warming is BAD… it’s the only way to get the taxes… Take the taxes out of the AGW equation and there is NO AGW.

      Leave it to the Democrats to figure a way to tax the weather. (oh yes, I know, Climate, weather is only climate change when it supports the theory)

      In the meantime Michael Mann and the IPCC have to lie about their data.

      The science is not settled.

      Here are posts:
      View at

  2. This is good news, Companies can take a pledge to follow the American Business Act on Climate Change, than have President Obama force these upon all businesses.

    Apple will than have to answer to the stock holders about the true value these actions will have on the value of the company.

    But lets all remember the importance separation of Church and State. The religion of Climate change and the Government must be separate!

    1. I suppose explaining the difference between science and religion to you would be a waste of time.

      Hint: Calling the parts of science you don’t like “religion” is not a scientific argument. The point of science is to improve our understanding reality by following evidence … whether or not it leads in the direction you wish it did.

    2. I guess Global Warming is not as much a religion, as a militant cult.

      For example you don’t question the data, believe in the leaders, even when they change their doctrines (such as global warming to climate change). Call non believers names like blind, and stupid. Above all don’t look at that man behind the curtain!

      1. The data is not hidden; it is not classified; all the thousands of studies and research done on climate data concludes the same thing. This is the beauty of scientific process: nobody can claim it is not true, because it is all out there in the open, for everyone to study, review and debunk if they can. And with climate change science, the science overwhelmingly agrees; much more than many other commonly held theories.

        There is no man hiding behind the curtain; the only one doing that is the fossil-fuel man that’s funding AWG-deniers PR. Just follow the money and it will be clear.

        1. You are so naive to the global warming data and scientific process. Thats why you guys are perfect for the membership of the Global Warming Cult.

          Your so called “data” has been altered and change so many times that Al Gore’s hockey puck chart is just a joke today.

          Its odd that Global Warming, is the only event or topic that is settled science. When did science ever become settled? Its always being push, questioned and new discoveries made.

          Despite your cult like beliefs, many scientists do not believe like you do!

          So called scientific experts, with PHD’s can be wrong and also worshipped!

          1. it is profoundly disappointing to see people repeat, almost word-for-word, big oil PR talking points, but with no actual, genuine scientific challenge.

            There are many commonly accepted scientific theories that have broad consensus, but also some legitimte and valid challenges. There is really nothing in dispute regarding AGW theories, mainly because there was so much independent research, done by scientists and institutions small and large, around the globe, with various data sources, local, regional and global, that no legitimate and respectable scientific body has been able to globally dispute these findings.

            About the only ones that obfuscate the issue (and build this conspiracy-theory fanatical following) are the powerful industries who stand to lose the most from any action that would mitigate AGW consequences.

            It is fascinating that AGW is a political issue in America, and because it is, half of the American population prefers to believe their political leaders than actual, real solid science.

  3. I’m all for companies such as Apple investing in solar technologies and such to make themselves sustainable. The less stuff we burn the better it is for everyone.

    What I don’t like is the type of agreements between the state and a business that provides energy buy-back costs for excess energy that ends up as a tax on other rate-payers as their utility bills increase.

    The reality is that we don’t have enough land for every business to provide their own solar and we don’t have enough birds for every company to have wind turbines.

    We are still going to need other solutions to our energy needs for the future.

  4. This is total CRAP-OLA, in my opinion! Once all these big companies fall for this SCAM, guess who has to pick up the Bill and charges, in other words TAXES, you and me the American Taxpayer. This is total CRA-POLA plain and simple. Big Daddy Government can’t wait for them Tax Dollars to roll in!!!

  5. It is a sad that MDN feels the need to qualify the very existence of global warming, or its cause. The denial of this issue is now almost exclusively an American phenomenon. Which is odd because American scientists are at the forefront of the understanding of the mechanisms involved and the measurement of the consequences.

    Those that believe their ability to make money will be constrained by the measures required to combat global warming are the most vocal antagonists, and they are almost exclusively Americans.

    1. Once you invoke the “everyone else is doing it” argument, game over. AGW is not science, and “deniers” have a firmer grasp on the “science” behind it than those who accept the “truth” of AGW because they have actually examined the evidence.

      1. That is simply not true. Cursory search reveals most reputable scientific institutions firmly behind AGW theories because massive amount of data supports it. Hell, even one of the most fierce proponents of doubt and denial, Exxon-Mobile apparently knew long ago about AGW and decided to invest billions to die doubt about it. Apparently, those billions were well spent, as there are millions of Americans who fell for it.

        1. It is true. Just because Predrag is a true believer alarmist does not mean Pregrag is right. Most climate models have failed. Predrag is a hypocrite, who’s been using fossil fuel your entire life. It just makes you feel good to be on the alarmist side of the argument.
          Why the use of the word “Apparently”
          Sure, Apple should try to create better forms of energy. I’ll take it, great for my AAPL.

          1. What you say is very offensive; you know nothing about me.

            Science is NOT religion. What you are saying is simply not true. Most climate models have actually been rather accurate, even the old ones, done 20 years ago with limited computing power. That is beside the point; more important point is that the massive amount of independent research, not just in America, but around the entire planet, analysing plentiful data from myriad various sources, by many scientific institutions and minds (including Exxon-Mobile’s!) have come to the same conclusion.

            American AGW-deniers are on the same plane as Moon landing deniers and second shooter theorists. They seem as convinced in their conspiracy theory as those other loons are.

            If you aren’t sure, just follow the money. Billions of Exxon-Mobile’s money, on top of billions of other fossil-energy money, all funding AGW-deniers PR.

  6. Bad news coming. The 110,000 year orbital cycle is bringing us toward the next ice age and then Manhattan will be totally under ice … again … just like it has done for at least the last 2.5 million years or so.

    Apple ought to stay out of climate change issues and stick to electronics.

  7. I don’t see why Apple should stick to electronics. Wall Street has been dying to see it diversify. Clean energy is a logical extension of its interest in health and ecology. The electric car is one signal of that, and it’s just a skipped stone to smart wind turbines and desalinisation plants. Space is another frontier in Apple’s future.

    Ultimately, the pure goal is not to delight geeks, or even regular people, with personal gizmos, but to terraform the planets, starting with this one.

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