OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 release imminent with fixes for Office 2016, Mail, and more

“The upcoming OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan release, which is expected to be released in the very near future, will include a compatibility update for Microsoft Office 2016 to fix ongoing crashing issues,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Since OS X El Capitan was released in late September, some Office 2016 users have found the software to be nearly unusable due to frequent crashes or an inability to open the Office apps at all,” Clover reports. “Apple’s most recent OS X 10.11.1 beta for developers and public beta testers was released Wednesday afternoon, with Apple asking developers to focus on Mail and Office 2016.”

Clover reports, “The update also includes dozens of new emoji from Unicode 7 and 8, including taco, burrito, cheese wedge, unicorn head, middle finger, popcorn, and more. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mmm, tacos. We’ll put that middle finger to good use, that much is sure.


    1. MDN, how does that crow in your mouth tastes? Try to eat some more tacos to cover that bad taste. You were first to trash MS for Office 2016 crashing on El Capitan. Now surprise, surprise Apple fixed it in the OS itself. Even with pro-Apple and anti-MS bias you should have the guts to admit when you were wrong…

    1. Oddly enough, the program that NOW gives me the most fits is Contacts, which shuts down about every fourth time I use it, especially when clicking on an address to pull it up in Maps.


  1. I’ve not had any real problems, other than it seems Safari seems a little hesitant to minimize sometimes. Mail has been fine, and I only use Office at work on my Windows PCs, which pretty much sucks all the time.

    1. Thank you! My dear, are we all blind? So it turn out is is not just MS fault that Office crashes……
      Have you tried Mail? With Exchange (as in, in a serious setting?) Read unread status is sometimes updated, sometimes you have to switch views to have it set. You type a message in Arial 13 (which is NOT really arial 13, because everbody knows that would be HUGE in a real world setting but you have to in order for others to be able te read it without a magnifying glass) but eve though you change nothing, moving the cursor around will somehow make changes to the font setting and you end up with some words in a larger font. Calendar and Exchange? Ha, works sometimes. I once swithed to the Mac because of precisely this, MS Office on Windows was a SERIOUS pain. Now, even though I am not going back to the dark side, it feels the other way around…..I am sick and tired of this. The Mac is so beautifull, the OS works so well, the ecosymstem has everthing going for it, as long as you are a consumer ór self employed. For us, the serious business user that has to be able to work with others (and that IS how the world works, do not give me that shit about how you just do the things your way and to heel with the rest, we might find the root cause of this worlds problems) Apple has no regard, is just as self centered as Jobs and adding 100 IBM-like companies will not change that……

  2. El Cap killed the drivers for the USB WIFI adapter I use in my MacBook Pro. I’ve got 2 different ones and neither one works now. The Chinese that made ’em have said they’ll send me the new drivers when they get ’em fixed.

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