Slavish Apple copier Samsung announces rose gold Galaxy Note 5

“We can’t even imagine the conversations that are taking place in Apple’s offices on Thursday,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“First a huge leak revealed the upcoming new HTC One A9, which is far and away the most shameless iPhone copy the world has ever seen outside of the Goophone,” Epstein reports. “Not to be left out, Samsung just announced that its flagship Galaxy Note 5 will soon be available in two new colors: Silver and, you guessed it, rose gold.”

“Samsung has apparently taken notice of the color’s popularity, especially in the APAC region, because it just cooked up its own version,” Epstein reports. “Beginning on October 23rd in South Korea, the Galaxy Note 5 phablet will be available for purchase in ‘Silver Titanium’ and ‘Pink Gold,’ which is a spitting image of the rose gold color on Apple’s iPhones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung Electronics. The mecca for original thinkers.

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  1. This sort of thing takes me back to the days of the Ford Mustang. After it became an instant hit, every freaking car company in America introduced some facsimile of a “pony” car. When it comes to making money, companies throw all their pride aside and copy to the best of their ability whether it was part of their plans going forward or not. Companies that didn’t even have the concept of what a “pony” car was tried to design them hoping for some piece of the action. It’s kind of pathetic but that’s how things are done when you’re trying to stay in business.

    If only Apple could patent some of the stuff they do so they couldn’t get ripped off so quickly. Samsung has always been the master of copying other companies’ products so I guess it’s to be expected that whatever Apple has, Samsung will soon copy it. Wall Street is counting on it to prove Apple has no moat.

    1. Patents have nothing to with it; Samsung has figured out that it’s more profitable to blatantly copy knowing the courts are sufficiently slow to be of consequence. When they lose, they appeal, and the whole process starts over. By the time it makes it through all of the courts, the case is so watered down that the penalty doesn’t even hurt as much as a slap on the wrist!

    2. What Wall Street and its cadre of analysts don’t comprehend is that Apple needs no moat, because it is not beleaguered. It is not a stand-alone castle under siege by rampaging armies of competitors. Instead, it is an institution that sets standards for others to follow. Without its leadership the others default to the stultifying practices that have produced generations of crap for landfills. It’s been said before by wise business analysts: it is Apple’s business model that should be emulated, not its products.

  2. Where is the surprise exactly? Samsung Note 3 came with Rose Gold. Samsung Note 4 came with Rose Gold. Why is there such a shock that Note 5 also has a rose gold option when it has been a tradition for already 3 years?

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