Beleaguered BlackBerry CEO won’t commit to future BB10 devices, hints at exiting handset market

BlackBerry “has finally given in to the mobile OS duopoly and is gearing up to launch its first-ever Android device, the BlackBerry Priv,” Ron Amadeo reports for Asr Technica.

“The company’s CEO, John Chen, was recently interviewed at Vox’s ‘Code Mobile’ conference,” Amadeo reports. “When asked if there would be new BlackBerry 10 devices ‘in a year or two from now,’ Chen was surprisingly non-committal: ‘Well that’s going to be dictated by business choices,’ he said. That sounds to us like, if the Priv sells well, BlackBerry would consider becoming a full-time Android shop.”

Amadeo reports, “Chen then brought up the hypothetical of leaving the smartphone hardware business entirely: ‘Even if I’m not in the handset business, getting into providing security for Android lets us provide solutions via software.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Little known fact: Chen holds the world record for grasping at straws.

The BlackBerry Perv (typo and, oh boy, it’s staying) is several years too late. And even if you do become a “full-time Android shop,” none of those entities are making any money because Apple’s revolutionary iPhone owns the high end. High-end buyers aren’t going to leave Apple’s superior hardware, software, and ecosystem for yet more Android crap from yet another Dead Company Walking. HTC, LG, etc. already dominate the market for non-selling “high-end” Android phones.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mpias3785” for the heads up.]


  1. I feel bad for the employees.

    BUT! When it comes to those (2) two ARROGANT Fcks!!!
    Stuff It! You egotistical, inept, bastards. You deserve what you get for being BOZOS.

    Thats right, your product is S%@.!

    The employees should sue those two scumbags for every penny they did not earn.

  2. BlackBerry: Snatching defeat from the jaws of failure.

    After years of fussing around with mediocre hardware, wasting time with an obsolete OS, giving QNX too little attention too late and eventually settling on Android and then announcing that they may be getting out of the handset business anyway, what are users, stockholders and developers supposed to do or think?

    BBRY is a very confusing company and I wouldn’t want any part of it if I was one of those three groups.

    More importantly, if I was involved in enterprise security, I’d just look at the mess they made of the rest of their business, I’d be having serious concerns about their security business now that management will have more free time on its hands to screw that up as well.

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