Michael Fassbender already the odds-on favorite to win an Oscar for ‘Steve Jobs’

“Universal’s ‘Steve Jobs,’ directed by Danny (‘Slumdog Millionaire’) Boyle from a screenplay by Aaron (‘The Social Network’) Sorkin, doesn’t open until Friday,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“But the relatively obscure German-born actor playing the title role is already the odds-on favorite to win an Oscar, ahead of such marquee idols as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Matt Damon,” P.E.D. reports. “The Monday morning odds on GoldDerby, a crowd-sourced prediction site, put Fassbender’s chances at 13/5, ahead of DiCaprio (7/2), Depp (13/2) and Damon (50/1).”

“Those results must be particularly galling for DiCaprio, who has never won an Academy Award despite four nominations,” P.E.D. reports. “The part was his for the taking, but he turned it down a year ago, shortly before shooting started. So did the studio’s second choice, Christian Bale.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fingers crossed that this movie isn’t a complete character assassination.

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  1. I tried watching the trailer and had to stop it because it was so excruciatingly bad. He has as much a resemblance to Steve Jobs–both physically and in terms of character–as Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga. The people who are buying into this being a good movie are clueless as to the real Jobs and his significance. The movie is a total fabrication, which is perfect for Hollywood.

      1. the problem is that the first trailer has the urban legend “Apple stole GUI” and then Sorkin’s public statement that Apple employs child workers at 17 cents an hour.

        that already cuts it off from my watch list. It shows that the creator knows little of apple and has a extreme prejudiced negative view of the company ( 17 cents an hour! the most cursory research would have revealed his error, so how much research has he really done on Apple ? )

        If I hear a Board of Directory of PETA and a vegetarian has a movie on Texas BBQ and has made statements that eating meat is a sin , I don’t have to see the movie to know what’s it likely to be like.

    1. Andy Hertzfeld said it was a fine and beautiful movie, Woz said the characters were so real he forgot it WAS a movie.

      I’m so sad to learn from an esteemed expert such as yourself that these apple greats are in reality clueless.

      1. Woz also said many of the incidents of the movie was made up and some of his conversations shown in the movie with him and Jobs never happened.

        Woz was also an ardent supporter of Mike Daisey, the performer who criticized Apple for child labour , Woz said he was so moved that he had tears in his eyes. Daisey went on CNBC, NPR etc saying he had interviewed Foxconn child workers abused. Later Daisey was found out by investigative reporters and admitted that all his stories were fabricated, he never met any child workers etc. His myths are lies are still being used as facts (like probably by people like Sorkin for his 17 cents an hour attack) and has done immense damage to Apple.

        AFTER the revelation Woz still continued to support Daisey! excusing him by basically saying his ‘art’ had a noble purpose in exposing child labour m ! (i.e ‘lies’ are ok if it fits into Woz’s social concerns). Woz was so enamoured with Daisey he even went on stage with him! Woz didn’t care how much damage it did to his friends at Apple or to the shareholders (he’s sold almost all his apple shares a long time ago)

        the Verge (AFTER Daisey revealed as a liar ) :
        “one individual that’s standing by Daisey is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In an interview with CNET today, Woz stated that he thought Daisey’s work was a positive force ”

        GET THAT? One more time Woz thinks it’s OK to LIE about APPLE if it fits Woz’s view.

        After Steve Jobs death the postal service came out with a Jobs stamp commemorative, Woz’s comment was ‘they forgot the engineer’. Recently to promote the movie (he’s an official consultant) his been around telling everyone Jobs knew nothing about tech.

        Sept 2015 ibTimes :
        “Wozniak claimed Apple’s success in its first 10 years came as a result of work he did that Jobs knew nothing about.”

        Woz has publicly stated he wanted a post at Apple after Jobs death but they ignored him. All I can say from all these incidents is that Woz seems to have a problem with Jobs and Apple.

        You all can flame me if you want but everything I said above is based on facts not like Sorkin’s 17 cents an hour. I have fond memories of Woz as a Founder of Apple and he’s probably a nice guy but the facts (above) is gives me little faith in trusting his opinion of the movie.

  2. Since most of the Oscar bound movies don’t come out until Nov – Dec.- unlikely. Is this a joke ? Last year everyone was saying he would win for 12 years a slave- that didn’t happen either . Most critics that have seen Danish Girl have Eddie Redmayne at the top

  3. Maybe they should call the magazine Misfortune.

    There’s the strong chance the producers of the movie have stirred up controversy because they know that all publicity is good publicity. That improves everybody’s chances for awards attention, such as Kate Winslet.

    But history is filled with odds-on favorites in every field who did not win.

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