Apple’s 3D Touch heralds a new interface revolution

“If you want to understand the potential of 3D Touch, the new of method of tapping and pressing on the screens of the latest iPhones, forget about the marketing lingo,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “Don’t think about Peeks or Pops or Quick Actions. Instead, think about reading — the kind you do with a textbook, highlighting text and scribbling in the margins. The kind of reading that you basically can’t do on your phone.”

““Compare [reading a book] to reading in the New York Times app. Are you scrolling?” asks Georg Petschnigg, CEO of FiftyThree, the company behind the excellent Paper app. ‘Are you flipping articles? Are you selecting text? It’s actually really painful.’ We don’t think about how dumb these processes are, but when you hear someone describe it out loud, it feels ridiculous. ‘If you want to select something you have to press, pause,’ he says. ‘Selection handles pop up, you have to drag them out, and then you have to wait, then you have to do an action, you have to wait for that stuff to appear. Then you move down,'” Pierce writes. “All those steps will soon turn into this: Press extra-hard on the screen and swipe across the letters. Presto; highlighted.”

“What’s lost inside the flash and branding of Apple’s new features is that your iPhone now has a pressure-sensitive display—and Apple’s providing data about it to developers in real time. On the iPhone screens are incredibly sensitive, and incredibly responsive,” Pierce writes. “Developers are still trying to wrap their heads around what all that means, but when they do, it could turn 3D Touch from glorified right-click into really, truly, the biggest interface innovation since multitouch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Revolutionary.

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    1. It really is a new paradigm that needs a small level of dedication to absorb and feel normal and natural. I’m really liking it. Especially for navigating within and between apps. Maybe you are not old enough to remember the disdain early computer users had for the mouse (“gimmick!”).

    1. Oh for sure. And the worst part is there will be a “movement” among Android users that they’ve had this all along.

      The worst part of trying to discuss Apple products with the average Android user is that they generally have a lack of knowledge regarding the history of most things tech.

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