Financial Times reviews Apple’s iPhone 6s/Plus: The ‘s’ stands for speed

“It is easy to take annual smartphone launches for granted as we enter the ninth year of the iPhone era,” Tim Bradshaw writes for The Financial Times. “That goes double when the biggest change to the appearance of the device is that it now comes in a bright metallic pink. But most smartphone buyers do not live on the bleeding edge. Apple said in July that only a third of its customers had upgraded to the iPhone 6, last year’s model. So while the iPhone 6s may seem too similar to its predecessor, it is a giant leap forward compared with a three-year-old iPhone 5, thanks to its fingerprint reader, bigger screen, voice-control and overall speed.”

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone 6s/Plus speed is a significant leap over the iPhone 6/Plus, in fact.

“3D Touch shaves fractions of a second from each of the scores of interactions we have with our phones every day,” Bradshaw writes. “My favourite 3D Touch feature is in email. Instead of tapping into an email then swiping back to the inbox, a squeeze of the screen shows a preview “peek” at the message, which disappears again when you release or “pops” into full view if you press harder.”

“3D Touch is just one aspect of an iPhone that is noticeably faster than its predecessor, let alone older models. Touch ID unlocks the phone with no discernible lag after pressing the home button. Loading web pages, opening apps and sending messages all seem much nippier. Siri is also more efficient,” Bradshaw writes. “Apple refuses to say what the ‘s’ in its iPhone updates stands for, but ‘speed’ is the 6s’ standout feature.”

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