Foursquare: Apple’s iPhone sales will break all records this weekend

“Apple will see record sales of its newest iPhone this weekend, predicts social app company Foursquare,” Lawrence Lewitinn reports for Yahoo Finance. “The mobile app developer forecasts Apple will sell between 13 million and 15 million iPhone units this weekend with launch of the new 6s model, based on data captured by the company’s flagship Foursquare and Swarm apps.”

“Specifically, Foursquare data show a 360% increase in visits to Apple stores last week compared to their prior 12-week average,” Lewitinn reports. “In the week leading up to the September 2014 release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, foot traffic was 330% higher than its previous 12-week average. Apple sold 10 million units that launch weekend.”

It turned out that those 10 million iPhones is exactly 3.3 times more than the average sales leading up to the launch/ We’re feeling pretty good that this could be a record year for Apple… We’re seeing a surge of foot traffic to Apple stores in the week leading up to the launch this year even more than in previous record years. — Jeffrey Glueck, Foursquare COO

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MacDailyNews Take: Boom!

Every new iPhone sets the all-time record of best-selling smartphone on the planet. iPhone 6s/Plus will be no different.MacDailyNews, September 4, 2015

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    1. You should. It’s like there will be never another 60’s Beatles mania experience, these iPhone/Apple events may not exist someday due to another type of new sales or tech paradigm. All of this may be relegated merely to future fond memories. But it’ll be nice to remember you were there and witnessed it.

  1. Someone should tell this to the masters of Wall Street. Dow was up today and Apple stock ended the day in red. The idiocy of Tim’s stock back is not working and Apple stock gets zero respect. How sad!

  2. And the cry from anal ists will. “Phone sales were great but not the 20 million number i pulled from my lower orifice, and iPad sales were down. Sell Apple. There is no growth.”

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