Beleaguered BlackBerry sharply misses quarterly earnings estimates; plans to make Android phone

“As it struggles with a turnaround, BlackBerry sharply missed quarterly earnings estimates Friday and announced plans to make a smartphone based on the Google Android operating system,” Brian Deagon reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“BlackBerry reported revenue of $491 million, well below the consensus of $610.6 million, as polled by Thomson Reuters; it was down 47% from the year-earlier quarter,” Deagon reports. “This was the ninth quarter in a row of double-digit declines. BlackBerry reported a per-share loss minus items of 13 cents, missing the consensus of a 9-cent loss and widening from a 2-cent loss, for its fiscal Q2, which ended Aug. 29.”

“BlackBerry stock was down 5%, near 6.50, in afternoon trading on the stock market today, near two-year lows,” Deagon reports. “When it was king of the smartphone market in 2008, prior to the ascension of the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry stock peaked at 148.13. Apple’s first iPhone came out in 2007.”

“BlackBerry’s turnaround effort focuses on expanding its software base and making more money from its portfolio of patents while it continues to make smartphones mostly targeting business professionals,” Deagon reports. “Its new Android device, called Priv, is expected to launch later this year. The phone will have a touch screen and slide-out keyboard… The BlackBerry Android device was widely expected and marks a shift away from the company’s BlackBerry 10 platform, which has failed to gain traction against Apple and Google.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Watching iPhone roadkill disgustingly flop around in its death throes is strangely compelling initially, but it gets old fast. Die already, you hideously maimed mess! Hey, somebody put this thing out of its misery, will ya?

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    1. Businesses are living breathing things. They bring happiness and value to the customers, employees, vendors and shareholders. Watching one die (no matter the reason) is always difficult.

      “There, but for the Grace of God, go I”.

      Casting dispersions against a failing business is the worst kind of arrogance. Sooner, or later, your business is going to wind up on the scrap heap. More fail in a single minute than have survived more than 25 years.

      MDN, I know its hard for you, but now would be the time to show some class.

      1. Blackberry CEO hubris..flat out calling the iPhone a joke..makes it difficult to feel sorry for them. Funny..Dell and RIM were the most vocal with negative comments towards Apple as they were making a look at them.

        1. Yep, they surely got egg on their faces for those remarks. I don’t like to see a company fail like it has been previously stated.

          At least for Dell they have taken the company private and no longer held hostage to the short term goals of investors and not effected by the comments of clueless analysts . They’ve correct a few evils and hopefully they’re doing well.

          Blackberry, OMG! What a disaster. Once upon a time they were sitting atop the cell phone industry with the best tech and security. Then came the iPhone and change in consumer operational preference. Combined with “iPhone is a joke” attitude and an unwillingness and inability to see into the future, we’ve all been witnessing the death of Blackberry. It’s been a very slow death, like a tomato wilting away on the vine! I don’t think I’d abandon the Blackberry OS but surely would make a droid phone.

    1. There choice of making an android handset is just about the dumbest choice from them I have seen. In a market where every single android vendor but 1 is bleeding red ink and can’t make a profit, gee what a brilliant move, just one more android phone on life support.

  1. in investment and tech blogs I was arguing with BB fans and investors from 2007 on saying iPhone was a threat.

    I was laughed at called fanboy, idiot, ‘what are you smoking’ etc.
    This went on as BB bought QNX, BB fans said it was ‘industrial standard’ vs ‘toy iOS’ etc. Every new idea was the ‘iPhone’ killer.

    Don’t want to kick a dead horse on BB but the car makers and watch makers who are laughing at Apple should pay attention.

  2. It really makes me squirm seeing Blackberry in such a state, I really feel for the employees. Watching BBRY is like watching a train wreck in ultra-slow motion. One bad management decision after another after another. Now the once King of Security is adopting the Jester of Security’s OS, as if we need yet another brand of Android. I don’t think I can stand to watch anymore. If BBRY was a pet, I’d have it put to sleep.

    By the way, “Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry” is a very interesting read.

  3. BBRY has $3.35 B cash and investments with a market cap of $3.4B. So why not just auction your patents, sell QNX, pay a one time dividend to shareholders of the available cash and shut down. Android isn’t going to save them. Besides Android may be dead after the 2016 trial vs Google. Google could owe Oracle between $7 and $15B for API copyright violations.

  4. Crackberry cracking up 😆 in fairness Blackberry was more original then Android who did a pure inferior copy of apple ios. But Blackberry was stubborn to innovate and now they are in the dustbin

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