Apple delays release of watchOS 2 due to bug

CNBC is reporting that Apple has delayed the release of its new Apple Watch operating system due to delays in resolving a glitch.

The watchOS 2 release was slated for Wednesday, but a “bug in development” of the software has taken longer than Apple expected to fix, the company said.

“We will not release watchOS 2 today but will shortly,” an Apple spokesperson said Wednesday.

Source: CNBC.


MacDailyNews Take: Beter to catch it before release than after (cough, iOS 8.0.1, cough)!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


    1. I wish they would’ve postponed the release of the Apple Watch, as it feels like a prototype.

      This entire project is an abject faliure.

      The Apple Watch feels like an unnecessary product released a decade too soon!

      1. Selling millions of a product is a failure??? Selling a product with the utility such as the Watch is a failure?

        Tell us, Oh Great Sage…….what is your definition of success then? Because I have a feeling you have no idea how to define success.

      2. As little as I use it (and I do believe that is the point), I couldn’t imagine not having it. Of the 4 months straight I’ve worn it every waking hour, I forgot to put it on only once after setting it on the charger for a moment while getting a shower, and that entire time felt as bad as not having my iPhone with me, even though I had my iPhone with me.

  1. But we have to admit that there are more things like this happening now than ever, even in the dark days 15 years ago.
    And that can’t be just papered over.
    Apple IIE user from 1983 to 1988, then Mac user since.
    This IS different.

    1. REALLY? When in the history of Apple has there been so many products in the ecosystem? And when in the history of Apple has the operating system been as comprehensive, broad and complex as IOS9, WatchOS and OS X? There are a whole lot of moving parts here. Apple is not throwing junk out and calling it a day. I’m happy to wait for WatchOS 2. When it’s ready I’ll download. Good job, Apple, identifying a problem and putting the brakes on BEFORE the software release.

  2. Good for Apple. And any other company with the cajones to push the STOP button and wait to get it right.

    Of course, because Apple is well, Apple, the pundits and Internet crybabies are having an epic collective hissy fit. Henry Blodgett is having an orgasm, and running his usual anti-Apple tabloid screeds about this on Business Insider.

    I. Don’t. Care.

    Let Apple take the time needed to get WatchOS 2 right. The world won’t stop turning, and the clocks won’t stop.

    Except in Texas, of course.

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