Apple’s iPhones are killing Samsung

“Due to wavering market share and unreliable shipments of [its] smartphones and tablets, Samsung Electronics is lowering its related component orders for the first quarter of 2015, which is expected to put a strain on various makers’ performances,” Sammi Huang and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“In the smartphone segment, Samsung has seen increased challenges due to Apple’s rise in the high-end smartphone market following the release of larger-size iPhones,” Huang and Wolfgram report, “while the China market has witnessed the rise of local vendors offering high specification products at mid-range pricing.”

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“Apple’s iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6 Plus product line have been extremely popular and not just with Apple’s traditional base but with new Android converts,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “The new iPhone 6s Plus was acknowledged on Monday as being a key driver for pre-orders reaching 10 million during the first weekend.”

Purcher reports, “The new iPhone 6s line-up also introduced a new ‘Move to iOS’ app to assist Androiders Switchers make their journey to the iPhone easier than ever.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, Samsung, eat shit and die.


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    1. Samsung’s Achille’s heel is the Google code mess of Android.

      Samsung decided to save money by buying a Yugo software engine for their phones based on Google’s promises.

      The other side of the higher end of the market is that Samsung doesn’t control its laptop OS ecosystem as it has to rely on Windows, too.

      Only Apple does it all. OS X, iOS, apps, hardware, iOS ARM chips, manufacturing design

    2. I’d say Apple’s biggest enemy is Wall Street. Apple’s iPhone is already sucking all of the profits out of the smartphone industry. It’s Wall Street’s constant prattle of Android’s high market share that’s the problem. Most of the Android manufacturers are struggling and can only manage to hold on to the low-end business.

      It’s Wall Street who keeps believing Android is going to put Apple out of business by dominating in unit sales. How can they be so stupid? It’s quite obvious Samsung was selling far more smartphones/feature phones than Apple, but Samsung’s not profiting from their smartphone business. For every additional iPhone sold it’s simply putting another nail into Samsung’s smartphone coffin. Yet every time Samsung introduces another smartphone, there’s these pundits claiming it will seriously hurt Apple’s iPhone business.

      I’m certain there are only so many flagship smartphones Samsung can sell because most Android users don’t require or want flagship smartphones.

      1. Someone powerful on Wall Street got their feelings hurt when Steve ran Apple because Steve never gave Wall Street the time of day.
        Now all Wall Street wants to do is punish Apple for that, even if they are put out of business.

  1. an interesting observation about it is that Apple is winning without going ‘bargain basement’ as analysts urged OR directly attacking Samsung. Apple hasn’t run any real attack ads like Samsung’s ‘Wall Hugger, Apple fans lining up are idiots’ and spending only a fraction of Samsung’s marketing expenditure (less than one tenth Samsung’s ).

    Apple is winning simply by focusing on making superior products.

    (btw: Imagine politicians doing that… actually Performing vs Attack Ads… )

    1. one more point:

      apple is Actually the major contributor to Samsung’s problems and not the other phone makers like Xiaomi if you consider profit and not market share.

      Apple takes 92% of the smart phone profits which shows there is not much money in the low end. Erosion of the low end by Xiaomi etc therefore shouldn’t effect Samsung too much financially . The high end is where the money is and there’s where Apple is doing the critical damage.

    2. Agree.

      The Apple v Samsung Intellectual Property theft trials a few years ago also revealed to many Americans — and the world — how dishonest Samsung was. Until then, many people did not realize the extent to which Samsung had ripped off the iPhone design. Regardless of Lucy Koh’s maneuvering, Samsung lost — and lost big — in the court of public opinion. They got what they deserved.

      Besides that, there have been a lot of Android virus news articles in the press. People continue to figure out that an Android phone is not liberating …it is a rip-off — in more ways than one !

  2. This article is void of any substantial information about why Samsung is faltering. Apple ‘s sales are part of it, but there are so many other things contributing. A tiny loss of market share to Apple is only a small part of the impact. The whole pricing structure and margins at Samsung are what’s killing them. They can’t capture that magic formula because they don’t have the whole integrated package like Apple does. Apple sets the price to make their margins, and they have to supply a superior product to justify the price. Apple knows how to do it, and Samsung doesn’t, and they can’t because of the very nature of Android. They will always have a big market share just because there are 100s of millions that have to settle on less than the best, or are willing to put up with the problems of Android just to save a few bucks, or they have decided they just don’t like Apple for whatever reason.

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