3 new iPhone 6s/Plus features the Android settlers wish they had

“This September, Apple has done it again with a refreshed iPhone 6S with minute but impressive changes. But what we’re particularly interested in is if other manufacturers from the Android side of the fence might just borrow a few of its ideas in their future products,” Nur Bremmen writes for Gearburn. “We have a look at three features that Android manufacturers will be furiously working on after the big launch.”

MacDailyNews Take: Only in the mind of one who would settle for a knockoff vs. the real thing would an entirely new user interface paradigm be described as “minute.”

“3D Touch provides three levels of touch control to the iPhone 6S’s touch screen which allows the user to interact with various levels of menus and UI elements in iOS 9,” Bremmen writes. “Why is it desirable? It’s novel, it could be an extremely efficient way of navigating a smartphone OS and, more importantly, it’s the largest advancement we’ve seen on touchscreens in a long while.”

MacDailyNews Take: In other words: Not at all “minute.”

“Retina Flash boosts the screen’s brightness and acts as a flash when snapping a selfie in lieu of an actual front facing flash,” Bremmen writes. “When can we see Android phones using it? Pretty soon. It would be fairly simple to write an app which does more or less the same thing, but the real question is, can other phones’ screens handle the stress?”

“That ‘Rose Gold’ exterior finish,” Bremmen writes. “Why is it desirable? We haven’t really seen a Rose Gold-finished device in the flesh until the Apple Watch featured it when it launched earlier this year, but since then, it seems to be the hottest colour since white to grace a smartphone. And why shouldn’t it be? It looks incredible in smartphone form.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The last two items will be knocked off quickly, but 3D Touch knockoffs will be on a glacial 64-bit smartphone timescale, if the imitators ever get there at all (i.e., don’t hold your breath, just go get yourself a real iPhone).

Apple may actually have properly patented this one, to the point where even an Apple lawyer can win a case and collect some justice should Apple’s many years of work once again be stolen. Yes, hope springs eternal. Eventually, we’ll see how long it takes and how much IP theft takes place for the inferior wannabes to badly implement their version of 3D Touch.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


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