iPhone 6s/Plus pre-orders sold-out in China in 12 hours

Pre-orders of Apple’s new iPhone 6s/Plus sold-out in China in 12 hours.

“The rose gold iPhone 6S Plus was the first to go,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

Chart in the full article here.

The worldwide iPhone 6s Pre-Order Tracker is here.

MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.


  1. What a flop, iPhone has plateaued and China’s financial slowdown has not only killed Apple purchasing, but its entire market there…

    Now about the dumb pipes that thought they dictate and control mobile customers and Apple purchases… Suck you , you blood sucking dumb assees, your days are numbered and your subscribers are all untethering to Apple’s unlocked, self subsidizing, anually updating new iPhones.


    1. Rose gold is great colour for China, because countries’ main colours are gold and red. So both yellow and rose gold will have breathtaking success there.

      Additionally, red is colour of Japan, so Rose Gold will have stellar success there, too (Japanese like pink phones).

      Overall, pinkish hues are very popular among women globally, so Apple is on point introducing this colour.

  2. The Chinese make a lot of stuff, even Samsung has several factories there. Because of this they have friends, relatives in the manufacturing business and they know what is good and bad, they know the components and how strict each company are with product quality (re: Samsung earlier non functioning finger print sensor and now stuck pen holder), so all those who can afford it BUY APPLE.

    There’s a joke that Chinese can spot a fake Prada from across the street…

    1. They already have a certain number that would be possible to ship and receive on release day 9/25. It is considered sold out when that day becomes 2-3 weeks etc, as it indicates all available devices have already been sold and they will need more time to manufacture devices beyond what they have in inventory. It’s no different than selling out at the store. They still have no more devices left and have to wait for more from the factories.

  3. Orders started at 3:01pm HK time.
    Repeatedly got “App Store is down” message on the App Store app until I eventually to the usual product UI. Managed to buy one Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus 128GB at 3:07pm, delivery already stated as 3-4wks. (A friend managed to be quick enough to get 8-12days delivery!)
    Was travelling with kids going on and off the trains, so the next time I could try was 3:17pm. ALL iPhone 6S Plus (all colours, all sizes), were already unavailable.
    17mins before all HKG online pre-order allocation of iPhone 6S Plus units were sold out.

  4. Bill wrote: “They roll the cost of $129 Apple Care into the interest free installment plan……”

    Bill, do you mean to say that Apple’s just announced plan is interest-free? Would you point us to where it says that ? Thanks!

    1. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but there are a lot of cultures that believe interest on a loan is wrong. So in the best interest of Apple’s image and other world corporations, interest free loans is pretty darn good thing to do.

  5. Apple detractors analyst: hey boss, I have been spewing out tonne of shit about Apple for the past 5 years, I can hardly identify my shit smell anymore.
    Boss: But John, that’s the only piece that attracts clicks……

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