“Let’s get this out of the way: It’s really big,” David Pierce reports for Wired. “See, the thing about Apple’s new iPad Pro is that you’re not supposed to leave it on a table all the time like a Surface begs you to. It’s meant to be held, in your hand. All 12.9 inches of it.”

“And the crazy thing is, it sort of works. This 1.57-pound, 6.9mm-thick device is a little clunky, sure, but it’s entirely possible to hold in one hand,” Pierce reports. “It’s sturdy and handsome, with speakers on all four corners and the same rounded-rectangle feel as its smaller brethren. It’s just enormous. I can’t say that enough.”

“If Apple’s ultimate tablet goal is to build a piece of glass onto which you can project your hopes, dreams, and apps, the iPad Pro feels like a realization of that dream,” Pierce reports. “Every part of the iPad Pro is smooth and fast. The $99 Pencil stylus feels like a particular triumph: It is, bar none, the most fluid and lag-free stylus I’ve ever used.”

Apple's all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Apple’s all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro will be a massive hit. Of course once you get one, you might not need another iPad for quite some time. Years and years, in fact. Good thing Apple has iPhones and Apple Watches to sell which have significantly shorter life cycles than these big boys certainly will. An iPad Pro is an investment, like the Mac. In fact, it might even replace many people’s Macs altogether.

Apple introduces 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard – September 9, 2015