Wired: Hands-on with Apple’s great, big iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

“Let’s get this out of the way: It’s really big,” David Pierce reports for Wired. “See, the thing about Apple’s new iPad Pro is that you’re not supposed to leave it on a table all the time like a Surface begs you to. It’s meant to be held, in your hand. All 12.9 inches of it.”

“And the crazy thing is, it sort of works. This 1.57-pound, 6.9mm-thick device is a little clunky, sure, but it’s entirely possible to hold in one hand,” Pierce reports. “It’s sturdy and handsome, with speakers on all four corners and the same rounded-rectangle feel as its smaller brethren. It’s just enormous. I can’t say that enough.”

“If Apple’s ultimate tablet goal is to build a piece of glass onto which you can project your hopes, dreams, and apps, the iPad Pro feels like a realization of that dream,” Pierce reports. “Every part of the iPad Pro is smooth and fast. The $99 Pencil stylus feels like a particular triumph: It is, bar none, the most fluid and lag-free stylus I’ve ever used.”

Apple's all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Apple’s all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro will be a massive hit. Of course once you get one, you might not need another iPad for quite some time. Years and years, in fact. Good thing Apple has iPhones and Apple Watches to sell which have significantly shorter life cycles than these big boys certainly will. An iPad Pro is an investment, like the Mac. In fact, it might even replace many people’s Macs altogether.

Apple introduces 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard – September 9, 2015


  1. The thing Apple needs to get right sooner than later is a way to automatically store your images and videos from your phone and iPad online forever that isn’t a lifetime cost that has an easy way of getting them back. I have a computer for one single reason and that’s to transfer my photos and videos. Otherwise, I have no use for a laptop that my iPad/iPhone/iWatch combo can’t do. Once they can get iCloud to be the default saving location for photos and videos forever and make it easy to use, then the iPad will take over computers. Especially at this size and price point.

    1. Relying entirely on the cloud assumes that no act of nature takes out the servers. Tis a dangerous assumption.

      On site and off site storage in multiple media and locations sounds like a lot better strategy.

      1. It seems like you figure that data farms are also filled with cows and the hard drives are just hanging on the barb wire fences such that any wind storm will knock them off. Perhaps you need to do a little research and find out how they duplicate the data at several locations and have industrial hardened housing and security. Well Bo, go take a peep.

        1. what if you loose internet connection OR
          … have some famous wiFi issues

          –> (esp. this is lasting for years on the mac, very well known at )

          …what if you need data and you are off the provider map, because you are in a house? yes, usual suspect when it comes to 3g/LTE or at least edge.

          Technology made us addicts anyways, but my videos and photos are very personal and they are personal to everyone who is captured on it.
          it is even more personal when it comes to video, because of audio.

          Remember Jennifer Lawrence?

          Safety and Redundancy are here to stay, 4ever.

          Pro is OSX, iOS is a user platform also for the industry.
          The pros need OS X and this will never change.

          That is where we draw the line between Pro and an “iPad Pro”

          We like the idea of the pencil, a fair price is something else of course if you consider none of the chinese students who manufacture this products can afford it.

          Really? Not even a pencil?
          I guess this must be a shame while the “good guys” yesterday on stage (the GILT stage time was the ultimate shame imho)
          do everything to make us believe we cannot live without the iPad Pro.

          ≠ anymore. I agree and I apply for a job at  asap to check if my understanding of the world is also true for …

          eddy for ceo, jony vice and they need to make a couple to regain the force of Bertrand and Scotty ?

          Or you just beam me up because there is no intelligent life down here (anymore)

          Love you all, but…

          1. After reading your contribution you are right about one thing, for Mr Spock detected nothing logically to indicate signs of intelligent life whatsoever. If you are truly beaming off planet then may I suggest the Tribble’s solar system might be your best bet to find like minded beings matching your particular skill set.

      2. Professional cloud services are not as simplistic as your typical end-user storage and backup configurations. Most data centers are copied to more than one geographical location and backed up to tape. Disaster recovery is an entire field in the data center industry.

        1. Read the fine print. Practically no cloud service guarantees integrity or accessibility of your files. Most don’t even guarantee that your stuff isn’t being data mined so they can sell ads designed just for you.

          No thanks. Local NAS storage is simple, secure, affordable, and private. There is no need for an iCloud.

    2. I imagine that the storage needs at the data center are already increasing at logarithmic levels. They will provide when the cost per byte decreases and they can build out enough storage space for a whole planets worth of customers!

    3. This product fails on so many levels that Apple should be embarrassed to release it.

      First off-Keyboard:

      This keyboard is dirt cheap, costs Apple maybe a few dollars to manufacture, and still can’t be held in your lap, and it only has one solitary position. If you’re going to copy Microsoft then fully commit and copy the kickstand as well. To charge $169 for a product that costs just a few dollars to manufacture is SHAMEFUL and bordering on criminal.

      The Stylus:

      Before they released the Apple Pencil, I always thought that was what Tim Cook gave his lifepartner in the poop-shooter late at night.

      I digress. I don’t know about any of you, but I failed to see any on/off buttons on this thing, and if they made it any longer you could use it as a walking stick. I know Microsoft’s comes free with the Surface Pro. Since this is the iPad Amateur hour, I suppose it goes without saying that the stylus costs a hundred bucks!

      The Screen:

      The screen is absolutely beautiful, Angry Birds and Grand Theft Auto will never look the same… too bad it’s still a crippled iPad, such a waste of screen real estate. I’ll stick with my Air 2.


      To refer to Tim Cook’s latest disappointment has being for professionals just adds insult to financial injury, for those who are foolish enough to drink Apple’s latest batch of bittersweet Koolaid. Let’s just point out what the iPad Amateur doesn’t have:

      Mouse support
      External hardware storage support
      External ports
      Desktop OS or file system support
      Serious storage capacity (starting at 32gb, are they serious?)
      Desktop application support

      The only thing that is “Pro” about this abysmal POS is the exorbitant pricing. It’s actually hard to put into words how disappointing the so called iPad Pro is. The only thing more disappointing is Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

      At least he’s consistent. Each failure is exponentially larger than the last!

      1. The keyboard is not dirt cheap to manufacture. First of all, did you notice the button key description in the video? Nope, that’s not especially cheap to do. A “few dollars” probably pays for the CPU inside the device, not much more (even at Apple quantities). I’d guess the keyboard cost upwards of $25 to produce (from someone who has been in the keyboard industry for a while).

        Wouldn’t mind the kickstand, though 🙂

        My big bitch with the pencil is that plugging it into you iPad for charging is dangerous. Now you’ve got a lever that can easily break the lighting jack on your iPad Pro. Then that pencil winds up costing you a lot *more* than $99.

        Yes, it is long. But I don’t really care how far up it is as long as it is comfortable to hold. And yes, I wish it were closer to $49, too.

        Mouse support: You really want a Mac Book Air, so go buy one…

        1. could you stop just for a split second being such a dumb dick and painting the world black and white, only 2 colors, nothing else beyond ?

          get lost or get… lost. or call your mom, just to tell her the world is not the way she explained it to you.

          bug yourself.

        1. Please moderate this a a anti-1st Amendment Marxist. Yes, iPadProFail’s remark was crude, stupid and even childish, but Moderator’s Dear Leader hasn’t completely shut down free speech – yet!

          Besides, you can’t identify always the idiots in the room unless they feel free to open their mouths and put a foot in it.

          Also gives you an opportunity to educate them. Sure, homosexuality is deviant, but you don’t have to be an idiot by pointing it out so crudely.

          1. Actually, MDN has a right to censor comments targeting religious or sexual orientation such as the hate-inspired comments against Tim Cook.

            It’s crazies like you who fuel and spur on bullying, racism and discrimination by allowing those comments to remain.

  2. Start comparing prices of various configs of the iPP vs the MBA and you realize some people will be debating their choices, and also that speculation that Apple’s portable PC lineup is likely to look a lot different in 2016 than it does today.

    LTE, a removable keyboard, a big-ass tablet with great media playback, a stylus, touch input for around the price of an MBA with an i7 and 8GB of RAM….

  3. Do you know what amazes me the most? its price, it is incredible for a tablet that big, and more because its an ipad to cost just $799 entry price. Really was expecting like $1200 or something like that. That is the true genius of apple’s geniuses.

  4. The Street is obviously totally unimpressed, seeing Tim’s abysmal performance as just what they expected.

    The media will be negative too. Except for new features and functions for the TV, the rest is cool but most users won’t even notice.

    This is the outcome when your company has such weak leadership.

    1. Jay you are late, what’s the matter, at least you had the dignity of a response.

      “The Street is obviously totally unimpressed, seeing Tim’s abysmal performance as just what they expected.” The Street has and will be totally unimpressed but it always had been towards Apple. You are taking a Corporate to Corporate interaction and interpreting it as a Corporate to singular person.


      The media will be negative too.

      Wake up call Jay, “And if we learned anything from the Surface, it’s that the world might not be ready for this type of device just yet.”

      What a great way to end an article that actually had facts in it. Oh here’s something else he wrote “I can tell you, even after only a few minutes with the device, that it’s almost certainly great. ”

      That doesn’t sound like negative media Jay. You need to use facts to support good theories.

      Except for new features and functions for the TV, the rest is cool but most users won’t even notice.

      Of course, that’s brilliant, the rest is cool. I knew you’d see the light eventually. Welcome back to the light. And most users won’t even notice is exactly how they will sell lots and lots of them. After all when the shoe fits the foot is forgotten.

      This is the outcome when your company has such weak leadership.

      Oh back to the darkness. Be off troll back to your cave. Come out in 6 months again and if you are nice maybe, maybe I’ll feed you.

      And to the MDN community this does have the /shjtt tag of satire, humor, joke, and tall tale.

    2. Follow the history of the markets following Apple announcements and you’ll see the stock doing better before and then again some time after the events – hardly ever bouncing on the keynotes themselves.

      More like the classic maxim of buy on the rumors, sell on the news… …and then re-buy when it all pans out. And yet comments like this also follow just as predictably.

      Nothing to do with Tim or performance quality. And, BTW, after the meandering and dull Apple Music event (the most unfocused I can remember), this show was crisp and tight from start to half-way through the phone piece…

  5. I was totally blown away by the iPad Pro introduction. I was so worried that this would be crippled somehow then I was elated that it exceeded my expectations. Looks like I’ll be lining up again at the local Apple store come November. Lucky that in the Bay Area November usually has great weather.

  6. I just see the thing as too big for the average consumer. And the cost of the Apple Pencil and Keyboard cover is ridiculous. I’ve been an Apple fanatic forever, and I’ll always try to look at the positives here. But when you add it all up, it’s just a huge iPad that has more practical use for professional applications. Or moreover, something that the top 2% can afford for a bigger screen and cool accessories.

    The thing that really strikes me as out of sight is the cost. First off, the 32GB model is just not enough. They should have started with 64GB. And even then, 128GB is what’s going to be needed for this baby. If you get the 128GB Wifi only with the Pencil and keyboard, you’re looking at a $1200 investment in an iPad. That’s already MacBook territory. Not that comparing an iOS device with a MacOS computer is fair – maybe that’s the key here, i.e. two different devices for different uses.

    Look, I’m just thinking out loud here. The iPad Pro IS an incredible piece of tech. I’m not dissing it, but I’d rather invest in a smaller device (like the iPad Air 2 or supposed upcoming iPad Air 3 next year) and pocket the change for something else.

    And I’m the guy that is usually up at 2am when the online Apple Store opens so I can get my hands on the first batch…

  7. trolls don’t bother. If you like your Win Suckfaces go use them, enjoy.

    I want an iPad Pro.

    Think about it trolls, all your efforts with ‘bend gate’ etc. and what did it get you? the biggest selling iPhone ever and 90% of the world’s smartphone profits for Apple (I lost count how many tens of billions it is).

    yeah and I want the new iPhone too.

  8. Well, http://ferfmuckmeyer.wordpress.com I take it you won’t be buying one.
    It is as expensive as a MBA because it would appear to be a replacement in a different form factor.

    Now when you compare it to the cost of the Hermes leather banded Apple Watch its a snap – but then thats the difference between pure tech and ‘fashion tech’ like the new MB.

    As they say, each to their own.

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