What to expect from Apple’s big event this week

“The event begins at 10am PT on Wednesday, September 9, in San Francisco, in a huge auditorium normally reserved for rock stars,” David Pierce reports for Wired. “It’s going to be a show.”

“If you’ve been holding out for an upgrade, rest assured: There will be iPhones. Apple’s release schedule tends to go back and forth—one year, a big redesign, the next, an under-the-hood upgrade,” Pierce reports. “There will almost certainly still be two phones, and they’ll almost certainly be the same sizes: 4.7- and 5.5-inches. What’s less certain is the fate of the smaller phone, the iPhone 5C. There’s still a market for it, and don’t be surprised if it gets a nominal upgrade to appease the few remaining tiny phone lovers. For the most part, though, Apple has moved firmly into the glorious world of gigantic phones.”

“No. Apple isn’t making a television. But it’s almost certainly about to unveil an enormous upgrade to its set-top box, which we’ve been waiting for and speculating about for years,” Pierce reports. “A few things are relatively certain: The box will cost $149, and be much faster than before. It will have a redesigned remote, with a touchpad for easier input and motion controls so you can play Wii-style games on your Apple TV. It’ll run a much more complete version of Apple’s software, including Siri and an App Store.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A good compendium of the rumor mill so far.

Apple to livestream September 9th special event – September 8, 2015

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