Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak backs socialist Bernie Sanders

“The glorious thing about the current presidential campaign is that no candidate currently looks even vaguely presidential,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for CNET. “This means that we seek something different, something that doesn’t feel as if it’s part of the entrenched, ossified system.”

“Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He seems moved by the independent senator from Vermont who’s vying for the Democratic nomination: Bernie Sanders,” Matyszczyk reports. “On Monday night Woz turned to Twitter and offered: ‘Down on Republicans and Democrats, #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern.'”

“Perhaps the two enjoy a spiritual kinship,” Matyszczyk reports. “Sanders has described himself as a ‘socialist’ — or, as he once defined it, ‘democracy with a small ‘d.” Woz is known to have given early Apple employees shares, so that they could partake of any potential bounty… It’s not known whether Woz would be willing to campaign for Sanders, something that might be very useful in garnering support from the tech world.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, we love Woz! He’s a sweet man. He’s a simple man. He’s a sweet, simple man.

His soft heart sometimes conflicted with his old partner, the late Steve Jobs. It was evident when Wozniak wanted to give away one of his first Apple creations to a local teacher. Jobs wouldn’t allow it, so Wozniak said he paid for the computer and gave it to the teacher. Some things never change.Colin Pope, Austin Business Journal, March 25, 2014

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    1. Ber – ah ha ha – nie – ahahaha! – San – hahahaaa -ders – Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

      Bernie, Uncle Joe, and Hillary. The New Three Stooges. With a cameo by Elizabeth Warren as “The Indian.”

      This is going to be so much fun!

      1. I don’t see what’s so funny? You repugnicans also laughed at the black junior senator back in 2007. The day after the general election in both 2008 and 2012 he was laughing at you

        1. Proud of your Marxist apes, Daddy? You have no idea the horror coming soon. Proud of Castro, Mao, Stalin, all proud Marxists who murdered tens of millions?

          All we need to know what you are.

          And Socialsit is just a watered down word for Communist, much like Gay vs Homosexual.

  1. The US Senate and House are solidly GOP. The only way to really get things done in DC is to have a US President from the same party. Working across the aisle is dead in this day and age. We need a fiscal conservative in the Presidency, not some nut job socialist who’ll get absolutely nothing he wants and not some goofball like Biden or lying, criminal, untrustworthy, scheming shrew like Hillary. The Democrat Party has nothing to offer but more malaise and manufactured divisiveness.

    1. The US Senate will probably flip back to Democratic majority in the next election. The US House is solidly GOP only because of extensive gerrymandering and not because of the number of votes cast. Bernie Sanders is not some “nut job socialist”. He describes himself as a “democratic socialist”. There is a difference, you should learn the meaning. If you would listen to what Sanders has to say, you would find that he has positions which are popular with many people. You may disagree with his positions, but they are not “not job” positions.

      1. The US Senate will probably flip back to Democratic majority in the next election?

        Based on what evidence?

        Flipping control of the Senate would require winning most of the toss-up races and defeating several well-funded GOP incumbents in pricey swing states that will also be crucial in the race for the White House. Even if the Democrat Party did narrowly get control, the 2018 Senate map isn’t nearly as welcoming for the party as they will be defending seats in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia.

    2. Right… because conservatives have done so much good for the country. Let’s see: several unnecessary and costly military interventions, a massive recession caused by the relentless deregulation of Wall Street, and the worst income inequality since the Great Depression caused by endless tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.

      1. 5 straight years of Trillion dollar + deficit spending under this pres for entitlements and paying back his comrades that got him in office. The highest deficit spending under the last pres was just over 400 billion in only one year of 8 years and that’s with the war. Under this liberal president we’ve been lied to about Obamacare, lied to about Benghazi still to this day, lied to about the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious, lied to now about this Iran deal(inspections anywhere anytime BS), & Iran also who is still chanting death to America, so yes lets give them 150 billion dollars to commit more acts of terrorism against us and others. Also under this pres. the gap between the rich and poor is the worse than it’s ever been in the history of our country, tell me again about income inequality from conservatives??? Who do you think is the 1% in this country? You guess it, liberal Democrats, not most conservatives. This is the first year under a republican controlled congress that deficit spending is under a Trillion dollars, so what exactly have the libs done with all my tax money they took from me? How have I benefited from them exactly? Oh yes I pay more for health insurance now, way more than in anytime of my life, I pay more for gas, electricity and higher taxes. I make more money now and have less of it to spend on anything, yes dems/liberals thank you for taking my hard earned money and giving it to people first who broke federal law to come into our country illegally and to then to others who neither earned it nor are entitled to it. Then add more insult to me by telling me I’m racist and should feel guilty for wanting to keep what I earn myself. Please do not tell me how liberals/democrats are so righteous and holy and under their socialist pipe dream we would live in a much fairer or decent society, BS.

        1. Steiner, you obviously get all your information from Fox News. What you have written is the standard mean-spirited and flatly wrong propaganda used by the Fox News people. Please cite evidence for each and every one of your ridiculous statements. Otherwise your words are just the ravings of a standard issue racist Republitard loon.

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  2. “Jobs wouldn’t allow it, so Wozniak said he paid for the computer and gave it to the teacher.”

    That’s the way it ought to be, that is the way it is, and that’s the way it should stay.

    We don’t need a Bernie or Woz to force their generosity on the “rest of us”. That is not democracy with or without a small “d”.

    As a wise man once said “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.”

    1. Well, hello Brother…

      Yes, men should be charitable of their own free will and choice.

      I repeat: Charitable. Free. Will. Choice.

      “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
      ― Margaret Thatcher

      Our “systems” are being perverted by civil “servants” who have taken to themselves to become our masters . . . to get gain. (“Honest Graft”

      1. And the problem with capitalism is the top .01% vacuum up all the money, leaving none for anyone else. Ever play Monopoly where the banker has all the money? The game essentially ends and the banker wins.

    1. Neither Steve was a “hippie” in my mind. The hippies I saw in Boulder back in the ’70s were druggin’ dirtbags who lacked decent morals. And a good chunk of them were living off trust funds, yet supposedly living a life of frugality, etc.

      Neither of the Steves were like that at all.

  3. You gotta give Bernie credit. Unlike the other D’s he is actually talking about the big problems in America. Unfortunately, his solutions suck, but he is talking about the problems, so more power to him.

    And before everyone dumps on Woz for his political choices, let’s remember, we have no real choices.

    1. What’s really scary is that Bernie Sanders is the only one with actual solutions and the insight to give citizens INCENTIVE to make their lives and the USA better.

      The rest, of both parties, are schlock, rubbish, a waste of $MILLIONS on a corroded, rotted political process that produces puppet fools in the white house. $Money$ is just a game token. $Money$ wins. The US government is incoherent and out of touch. #MyStupidGovernment

      1. emmm, no–spreading the wealth is hardly a good solution. What did someone once say about socialism? Something like, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” An earlier comment about Bernie talking about the problems is spot-on, but seriously, he has the best solutions? I think you would find Venezuela to be a fine fit.

        1. I said this was ‘scary’. How does a socialist end up being the one encouraging INCENTIVE among the citizens. Socialism typically creates exactly the opposite. Incentive means you strive to create and you keep your rewards. That’s not socialism. So, up to the part where you pretend to understand my thinking, I agree. Venezuela is an excellent example of the FAILure of what I call ‘Dire Socialism’. Meanwhile, I also point to Denmark as a core place in the world where they somehow have a highly successful balance of socialism and capitalism. Don’t expect me to explain why.

          1. Socialism ≠ communism. Venezuela has an inept, authoritarian government. What about the European and Scandinavian countries that for decades have had far better standards of living, health care, education, etc., under social democracies?

            Social security, medicare, medicaid, the 40 hour workweek, child labor laws, our highway system, fire fighters, environmental protection, food safety, etc., etc. Much our civilized society is grounded on socialist principles.

            Because of right-wing zealots and propaganda, the US is the only developed nation without universal healthcare. In no other developed country can a person go bankrupt due to illness or die because they can’t afford medical treatment. It is only because of the efforts of a Democratic president that we’ve made any progress in this regard.

            1. I certainly agree with most of what you said. But if you check out Sweden, for example, there is rampant loon-level socialism that gets quite silly at times. Extremism at either end of the imaginary 1 dimensional political spectrum is badness. I did point to Denmark as somehow getting it right. They tend to think Sweden has gone bonkers. Of course, the ‘Kill The Government, except the Military Industrial Complex’ lunatics in the USA think Denmark is bonkers with very high taxes compared to the USA. And yet everything just works there. I know of no other country that is more sane or happy by just about any scale. Because we’re dealing with humans, there is no where perfect in among human societies. But when the populace is provided with a solid base of security as well as an incentive to create, that’s a terrific combination, it turns out.

        2. You don’t think that the USA is socialist. That’s cute. I fear you don’t know what a true capitalist culture is. China is closer than America to pure capitalism.

          The closest America has ever been to anti-socialist was probably the wild west days, and even then… the East Coast was purely socialist.

  4. The system is broke. Partisanship is pushing both the Democrats and Republicans further apart to the more extreme left and right. If we must choose between a Republican or Democrat in 2016, we have no good choices, but are stuck with a sick bipolar system of misfit choices.

    I pray for a moderate independent to run, and for the electorate to vote for the person, not the party!

  5. Bernie Sanders is democratic socialist. That’s very different than socialist, the way it’s commonly used in the West to refer to the types of governments of their adversaries in the Cold War.

    Just saying, it can be very misleading to call Sanders a socialist and leave out the whole democratic part of it, given our nation’s history of conflict with anti-democratic socialist governments.

  6. Does anyone know if there are any u.s. presidential candidates that are stating or promising that they are going to do one ore more of the following:

    1. Close Guatanamo Bay and all the other torture facilities.
    2. Release those incarcerated at those facilities, or at least give them justice.
    3. Bring those alleged to have committed crimes and atrocities against humanity, (G.W. Bush and crew) to justice.

    Much appreciated.

    1. You might want to check out – it figures out your positions on various political issues through a quiz, then gives you a direct comparison of all the presidential candidates based on how much they agree or disagree with you on each topic.

    2. For your information, President Barack Obama has been trying to close the detention camp at Guantánamo Bay. He has been blocked by Congress. In order to release the prisoners who are held there, they must first be put on trial. However, Congress passed legislation that barred the funding for any civilian trial or military tribunals. The other option would be to transfer the prisoners to other countries, but that would violate US law if they would be transferred to countries that might torture them. Since the prisoners came from countries that torture people, it is illegal for the US to send them back to where they came from. Thus, Obama is blocked from closing Guantánamo.

      As far as finding a candidate who would be willing to bring charges against G.W. Bush and D. Cheney for war crimes, that’s another issue, which I am not in a position to answer.

      1. Hoffbegone: Yes really, though those questions aren’t my biggest concern. Ironic that you would consider that I’m out of touch with reality since I’m talking about a country that tortures people and invades other countries on a whim. In my opinion that’s being really out of touch with reality.

        gray shader: Thanks but I can’t get to any of the sites but I’ll try later.

        Bryan J Blumberg: I know Obama has been trying to close the torture resort but I did not know the details of why it hasn’t happened, thanks for pointing that out.

        I appreciate you pointing out the attempted rationalization, but having a law preventing one torturing country from transferring detainees to another torturing country, well is pretty ludicrous. Oh and not all the prisoners come from countries that torture people. Funny when laws are created against humanity but then again I’m not surprised, seeing the path of evil the u.s. has decided to embark upon.

        Thanks for your feedback though, it certainly helps.

        Looks like there is going to be one heck of a dose of karma head that’s going to be doled out.

  7. Socialism is not Communism or dictatorship.

    Socialism describes almost all modern countries/governments in existence today. You would not want to live in a country that does not have socialism. It is one of the single most abused words to describe government, by the right. It’s a heinous crime. The alternative is to live in some back water s-hole.

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