Piper Jaffray’s Munster: Apple car is 50% to 60% likely

“The Piper Jaffray analyst says an Apple car is ‘closer to 10 years away than 5 years,’ yet a bright long-term prospect for the company,” Andrew Nusca reports for Fortune.

“There have been several reports documenting progress for Apple’s so-called Project Titan,” Nusca reports. “A February report in The Wall Street Journal revealed that ‘several hundred employees’ had been allocated to the effort. A company executive called the automobile the ‘ultimate mobile device’ three months later at an industry conference.”

“But Munster has a few things to say for himself about Titan. ‘If Apple makes a ‘car’ as we know it today, we expect it to be an electric vehicle that is likely priced in the luxury’ — as in more than $50,000 — ‘market,’ he writes,” Nusca reports. “All of this comes with the usual caveat: Apple often works on projects that never come to fruition. But Munster is clear that an Apple vehicle is ‘more poised for meaningful disruption’ than any Apple TV product.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: While Apple can certainly afford to put a lot of effort into R&D projects that’ll never come to fruition, “Titan” seems to be quite the project already. You don’t sink the sort of resources into, and attract the level of talent already onboard for, an effort unless you have some real ideas about what you want to bring to market and why.

It goes without saying that Apple would create a premium vehicle, premium-priced for premium customers as usual, not a some low-end crate.

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  1. Hopefully this “premium vehicle” “premium priced” for “premium” customers won’t have “premium” bugs and bloatedness which Apple has been putting out lately! Maybe the iTunes team is also working on “Project Titan” and adding their special touch of feces!

  2. I hold out hope that an Apple Car premium would be compatible to the iPhone/iPad/Mac premium in the computer world. In other words, premium as in a little higher than the average car ($30k) – but not premium as in Tesla.

    Apple please undercut Tesla in a big way!

  3. “50% to 60% likely.” Sheesh!

    I predict a probability of 45.7 to 72.5% that Apple is likely to release a car under a beta-binomial distribution of two and a half standard deviations. And if that makes any sense, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

  4. Munster is an Apple friend but he has no knowledge of the subject.
    Apple can’t wait even 5 years not to speak of 10 years to come to the market. Its window is 2-3 years and it won’t be driverless car (which is far into the future) but it can improve on TESLA without much effort with help from companies like BMW.

  5. Apple’s watch is flopping, phones are oversaturated. Apple is desperate for new cash sources, in markets they know nothing about, and have no business being in. Years from now, people will remember Tim “the steward” Cook as the incompetent moron who drove Apple into the ground, just like his protege monkeyboy Ballmer.

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