Apple’s Internet TV service could be ‘Netflix on steroids’

Tech expert Sean Udall told Benzinga “there is little doubt that Apple is building a pay-TV service of some kind, but he doesn’t expect the company to compete with the likes of Comcast Corporation,” Louis Bedigian reports for Benzinga. “He said the bundle — particularly those that include Internet, cable and phone services — is the best entertainment deal available.”

“‘It’s a great deal,’ said Udall. ‘If you try to replicate that, especially if you need [specific] channels… I want Bloomberg and CNBC. I want certain sports channels [and] pay channels. To replicate that without a cable bundle, I guarantee it would cost me more, especially if I want a phone and 100-meg Internet service,'” Bedigian reports. “Udall expects Apple to target Netflix, Inc. instead.”

Bedigian reports, “My view has always been they bring Netflix on steroids,” Udall said of Apple’s plans. He does not think it would be very difficult for Apple to acquire 60 to 70 percent of the content already present on other streaming services, which is not exclusive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Netflix is down 8 percent today. Aside from the pervasive China contagion, perhaps investors are getting worried about Netflix’s future growth prospects for some reason?

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  1. The purpose of the tech blogosphere most of the year is to create a very defined set of very advanced features that will be added to every Apple product so that when an actual Apple Event occurs there is zero chance it will meet expectations, so that after the announcements, which include many very good things, but not the wild speculation, the stock can go down even more than the ridiculous decline caused by the Financial bloggers who create bizarre expectations for Apple financials.

  2. I waa auto renewed for iTunes Match. Why? I’m not sure. I have an Apple Music subscription free trial end coming up soon. Why do I need Match? Where are my songs? Do I have any albums? Where are the Apple Music songs located in my library?

    I’m lost. Not hopeless. Just lost.

    At this point anything new from Apple is slightly unnerving.

  3. Time to drop the phrase, “On steroids.”

    Lost its meaning long ago. Sloppy thinking, reaching for a worn-out cliche. You can’t trust writers who use it anymore, unless they’re reporting on professional sports.

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