Apple’s annual iPhone launches are starting to feel pathetic or something

“In a little over a week Apple will kick off a massive marketing campaign for the new iPhone by hosting an unveiling event that will not only be streamed live but will also be subjected to in-depth scrutiny by the media,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “But as someone who has been watching iPhone launch events since the iPhone first debuted, all the rah-rah is starting to feel, well, a little pathetic.”

“Now I’m a huge fan of technology, and I’m guessing that if you’re reading this then so are you. That probably means that we get a little excited about things – a few extra gigabytes of RAM or a few more megapixels on a camera sensor – that regular people don’t care about,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “But even I’m starting to look at the huge event that Apple builds up around new iPhone and feel that the whole thing is now more hype than substance.”

“Maybe Apple is a genius when it comes to marketing because it can still get people jazzed about incremental improvements when the rest of the consumer tech industry cannot,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Or maybe I’ve just become cynical about being given the opportunity to exchange a big chunk of legal tender for a shiny new doodad that’s really only marginally (and sometimes imperceptibly) better that the less shiny, somewhat scratched and battle-scarred doodad I already own.”

Full article (in Trollanese) here.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone “S” years usher in hugely significant features, such as oleophobic displays, significant GPU improvements, world phone capability, Siri personal assistant, video stabilization, panorama photos, 64-bit processors, TD-LTE support, and Touch ID, among other improvements and additions.

This year will be about Force Touch (or whatever they decide to call it going forward) and it will be more important than most people like Kingsley-Hughes think.

And Android, littered across a veritable junkyard full of disparate devices, will not be able to follow.MacDailyNews, February 28, 2015

Which is probably why Kingsley-Hughes is trying to preemptively downplay the unveiling of Apple’s next-gen iPhones.

As with every iPhone before them, Apple’s next-gen iPhones will become the best-selling iPhones yet.

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  1. What I find even more pathetic is taking shots at the industry leader for their process of careful refinements, keeping innovation behind the scenes until it’s ready. Apple won’t pander to Wall Sreet expectations or analyst boredom. They’ll bring out something that fails to stimulate these clowns, something that six months later a bunch of people don’t want to live without. That kind of “incremental change” beats the usual tech dazzle that soon fades.

    1. The only reason it’s pathetic is because Tim Cook is pathetic!

      A once well anticipated event has become a BOREFEST over the last 4-years. Watching paint dry is more interesting than listening to Cook and his flunkies.

      And now that we know he is equally dissatisfying as CEO, lazy, and incompetent… it only serves all the more to make the event a sure time waster.

      Apple fans spend all their time making apologies for his sexuality, his screwups, his product botches, and his overall ineptitude as Apple’s CEO.

      At the end of the day he still has an out… he can blame the criticism on the fact that he’s gay.

          1. Intriguingly enough, there was quite a following (almost a cult) of it afterwards, with people beefing it up, modifying it, upgrading whatever they could upgrade. I myself beefed up the graphic card on mine… A cool little computer, well before the Mini.

          2. I still think it failed because it was advertised with a monitor and a complete setup. Then you find out you don’t get the package and its expensive! If it would have sold as a package deal I think it would have sold then!

  2. This is why I wonder Apple even bothers to hold events anymore. No one is impressed with any of Apple’s products. Investors always seem to be disappointed with whatever Apple introduces. It seems to be a waste of time and effort on Apple’s part. You’ve got all these haters making up what Apple’s going to put out and then they’re unhappy when Apple doesn’t do put out said product. No products are ever going to be perfect because not everyone is looking for the same results. Apple should just give up on those events if no one is satisfied. There’s too many leeches sucking off Apple. They’d have nothing to write about if they didn’t have Apple to tear apart.

    I like the events for the most part but I’m simply interested in the technology and not some dog and pony show. I miss Steve Jobs because he really seemed to be into the products. He just seemed to have some stage presence I enjoyed. I like listening to Craig Federighi when he speaks, but that’s about it.

    I don’t expect Apple to be putting out some revolutionary products at every event because it’s nearly impossible to do unless some alien race is giving Apple advanced tech. Most current tech is available to almost all companies especially if it has to be within a certain price range. Apple isn’t building advanced prototype products for sale. Why can’t people understand something that rudimentary.

    More hype than substance? Apple isn’t selling vaporware. They’re actual products.

  3. I love clicking on MDN stories that have “or something” in the headline. It always makes my day. 🙂

    If all Adrian Kingsley-Hughes sees in new iPhones are “few more megapixels” then perhaps it is time for him to find a new line of work.

    1. Yes they are somewhat tiresome and the stage patter is predictable. But pathetic? No. Pathos and Ennui evince different emotions. And there is no doubt about it, Steve Jobs is dead, and has no match. We get it. Trolls need to find something else.

  4. I love my 6 plus. Love the curved glass, excellent screen, Touch ID, etc. The only thing I can seriously fault is the paltry RAM. I use my phone and iPad as my main machines and Safari stinks with only 1GB.

    It’s definitely one of the very best phones out there, so this link bait BS is ridiculous.

  5. Why do we need the new iPhone when we have the WATCH? Wasn’t getting away from needing the iPhone the reason for it? MDN harped that till I was deaf, now we need the phone with touch force, why? It will still sit in a purse or pocket, unless you want a vibrator. Go ahead, fluffers, fluff Tim, he is enjoying it and laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. Phrases that come to mind regarding bored-with-iphone-launches rhetoric:

    – First World problems.
    – Cocaine addicts, gotta get more thrills per second!
    – WallNut Street bad attitude.
    – Depressives, unable to find joy in anything.
    – Apple Bear Bullshitting.
    – Burn outs.

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