Apple TV 4 to focus on extensive Siri control, deep support for gaming

“According to sources with knowledge of the product, the fourth-generation Apple TV will actively compete for TV gamers with updated hardware, software, and peripherals that will debut at Apple’s September 9 event in San Francisco,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“One of the next Apple TV’s tentpole features will be near-universal Siri control, a feature hinted at in Apple’s invitation to the event,” Gurman reports. “But the other will be deep support for gaming, representing Apple’s largest-ever effort to lure players from traditional consoles.”

“In addition to the convenience of downloading games directly from the Apple TV’s built-in App Store, and controlling many of them via a new bundled remote control, Apple will also support more complex, console-style Bluetooth game controllers with the pressure-sensitive buttons and joysticks previously introduced for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches… The new box will be announced alongside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at an event on September 9th.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: While the new Apple TV’s including remote will be capable of motion control, the new Apple TV will be an absolute boon for third-party Bluetooth gaming controllers (and perhaps with any luck an optional Apple-designed controller, too).

The fourth-generation Apple TV promises to be a most spectacular device. The word “update” will not do it justice. This just might finally be the Apple TV we’ve always wanted!

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    1. Although that sounds awesome i don’t believe so. I would expect the level of gaming you get from the iPad and iPhone, not so much the PS4. But with a controller you will get the feedback that you expect from a PS4…which will be great.

    2. No. Same goes for Xbox One. Who expects to see any driving simulator wheels, pedals and shifter for an AppleTV? Apple says it’s serious about gaming but it’s about as serious as Nintendo. If Apple can get Nintendo to port games over to iOS then they might get quite a following.

      I don’t know how powerful Metal API is but they’re going to have to convince a lot of people that it has legs. Wall Street won’t easily be convinced Apple has any chance at gaining dominance in gaming. One would think that with Apple’s skills at designing mobile processors it might give Apple some advantage, but only time will tell.

      Microsoft is going to have a big laugh at AppleTV trying to pass itself off as a “big boy’s” gaming console. I can already hear Microsoft calling AppleTV a “toy box”. Surely the whole gaming industry will be snickering at Apple’s feeble gaming attempt, as usual. They might not have laughed at Amazon’s Fire TV or the Roku gaming efforts, but they will certainly laugh at Apple.

      1. The Xbox and PS4 hardcore gaming fans can laugh all they want at a less powerful Apple TV gaming box. But let’s revisit this in another 18 months and look where the profits go. Then we’ll see who’s still laughing.

  2. I can’t help thinking about Tim Cook’s visit with Newell and Steam a couple years ago. A great move would be supporting steam streaming and their new controller. I would like apple to concede some control and realize they have never been serious or delivered for gamers.

  3. I just read an article that put a single 4k episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix as weighing in at 18GB. I don’t think we’re ready (hell, I don’t even have a 4k TV) for 4k at this point.

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