Get ready, Apple is about to unveil the first real Apple TV

“Some of us have been waiting for Apple to drop its proverbial hammer on television for what seems like forever,” Matthew Panzarino reports for TechCrunch. “So far, all we’ve gotten is noodling. A self-professed hobby in the shape of a small hockey puck that has glacially increased in usefulness and utility. A new Apple TV is on the way, though, and it could move the needle in more than one industry. According to information I’ve been able to compile from multiple sources, Apple is about to lay down its cards.”

“Among the demos I’d expect to see on stage next month are content apps, games, and broadcast companies,” Panzarino reports. “The new remote will be motion sensitive, likely including several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote. The possibilities, of course, are immediately evident. A game controller with a microphone, physical buttons, a touchpad and motion sensitive controls would be extremely capable. While Apple is likely going to target the broad casual gaming market, I would not be shocked to see innovative gameplay blossom from that type of input possibility.”

“If Apple did indeed ‘delay’ the Apple TV from being released at WWDC, then it probably had a reason. And, if my sources are correct, that reason could well be polish, polish, polish. The experience of using it is said to blow away the types of junky smart TV interfaces we’ve had to deal with so far. This is the first real Apple TV product,” Panzarino reports. “If that polish translates into leverage, then negotiating with Apple could be much, much more uncomfortable for the content providers.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If they still do not have content deal in place to offer enticing skinny bundle(s) with a new Apple TV, then here’s hoping they price it right, for the masses, because they’re going to want to have iPod-like scale to wield against the content gatekeeper holdouts. An Apple TV with a real live SDK, an App Store, a capable remote/controller, and HomeKit capability will be mighty hard to resist, if Apple can market it properly to the great unwashed, like they did with iPod.

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  1. `If they put a decent camera on the front of it they could replace most of the commercial videoconferencing industry and instantly make all home big screens phenomenal family and business videoconferencing systems.

      1. And a capability like this would result in people encouraging friends and family to get Apple TVs to work together.

        TV as both a computer (games, apps) and a communication device would be awesome.

    1. Given Apple’s usual policy with content I’m confident it will at least be US-only at launch.

      And given Apple’s history with the Apple TV it’s quite possible it will be US-only for its entire life.

  2. OMG MDN, what did I just tell you yesterday? Did you read it? You are stuck inside the box. Stop thinking like the rumors. ‘Think Different’ and ‘Think Big’ as in big screen. Apple is not going to announce an ordinary TV! They are not going to price it for the masses. Whatever they announce it will be so extraordinary Apple may not even call it a TV.

      1. Really? Is that what you think? That is what the current AppleTV is and that may very well be announced. In fact, I have little doubt that Apple will debut a 4K compatible AppleTV. But is it the “One more thing”? Maybe it will be the ‘skinny’ bundle. Maybe it has something to do with HomeKit. I wouldn’t be surprised. But I have reason to suspect something bigger, literally and figuratively. Think retina display in home theater. If I am right, Apple does not need to have all the content providers signed up. Similar to when they launched the iPhone with only AT&T. Ask yourself what content would look really good on a retina home theater display. Of course I could be wrong. We shall soon see.

  3. NO CAMERA on Apple TV, or make it optional.

    I don’t see the need for a camera, able to look right back at you, in a private space.

    Also, lets hope the cards they lay down contain a royal flush.

    They could subsidize the Apple TV considering potential subscribers to whatever future plans they have. However I think they can roll out with out CBS. Not saying it’s not wanted, but just like other providers you have to show that you are willing to leave them behind while you move on. CBS always has come around in the end. They like to play hardball.

  4. Painful to read Matthew, right from the first sentence. Let me return the favor.

    “Some of us have been waiting for Apple to drop its proverbial hammer on television for what seems like forever.”

    That’s enough Matthew, it’s been most of you, and you aren’t waiting for Apple, you’ve been spewing and speculation and oozing brown slimy stinky material down your legs, out your mouths, sliming down your nose, trickling out of your ears until it makes a puddle on the floor between your feet.

    The 6 “could’s” in your article, and the 6 “would’s” in your article speak volumes in this regard.

    I’ll wait for what comes from the horse’s mouth, I’d rather trust those who present facts than flatulent fancies.

  5. This is the delayed Epicenter of Change event. That’s not a $99 streaming tv with some $40/mo set of channels. It’s gaming and home security and home automation, maybe even indoor mapping using an iPhone or the new remote.

    Predictions: A8 with 2 gb ram (hoping for a9 with 4 gb to make for a longer life without upgrade), 16 gb memory (most games can be stored in the cloud and downloaded when needed, but hoping for 32gb), new remote with camera (i’ll go with other predictions), focus on home automation (map the house, control from the remote or iphone), a secure enclave built into the chip to house home information (to differentiate from google who wants to know when you’re kid’s in the shower), price $249 (maybe $199, but it sure won’t be cheap), the current appleTV will stay much like the iPod shuffle, and the usual suspects — central search (indicating if the user has paid for access or not, with marketing if not to rent/buy/subscribe to those services that have enabled central search – HBO, Showtime, Netflix will gain – networks will lose), app store, 4K streaming (hopefully).

  6. Apple Kinect ???? No Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss the days when Apple was at the forefront of innovation rather than chasing everything that Google and Microsoft have already done.

  7. Think big screen as in home theater market. Think 4K on steroids (8K). Think big $$$$$! The cost for this tech is too much right now for mass market. Mass market in the future as tech matures and unit costs decrease.

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