Analyst: Don’t expect iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to save Apple

“With Apple Inc.’s stock suffering, investors are hoping for relief from the expected launch of a new iPhone in September,” Therese Poletti reports for MarketWatch. “Don’t count on it.”

“Earlier this week, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves wrote a note titled, ‘iPhone units are likely to decline in F2016 and That’s OK,’ describing his expectation for a decline as a ‘transitory issue,'” Poletti reports. “But it’s unlikely that a drop in annual unit sales — which would be the first for Apple since the iPhone was introduced in 2007 — is going to be OK for most investors.”

“Hargreaves wrote that he expects iPhone sales to decline about 8% in fiscal 2016, mostly due to a tough comparison with those big sales gains in 2015, which were fueled in large part by China,” Poletti reports. Hargreaves is more pessimistic than the consensus analyst estimate, but big gains are not expected: FactSet reports that 31 analysts expect an average of 235 million iPhone unit sales in the 2016 fiscal year, which would be less than 2% growth from this year’s expected sales.”

“The expected iPhone 6s so far sounds mostly like an incremental update, which could lead fewer users to upgrade. Jordan Edelson, founder and chief executive of Appetizer Mobile, believes iPhone sales ‘will be strong regardless, it will not be a flop by any means,'” Poletti reports. “A true flop isn’t necessary to freak out Apple investors, though. They are already in a nervous state, with the failure to disclose Apple Watch sales data leading many to believe it is underperforming Wall Street’s initial expectations… Piling on are some scary predictions from technical analysts, who analyze stocks based on trends and repeated patterns in trading charts.This week, some technical analysts noticed a bearish chart and predicted a pattern of a so-called “death cross” in Apple’s stock.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The 2015 Festival of Nonsense continues unabated.


  1. I still see no reason for this whirlwind stock down grade of Apple. There is absolutely no reason for it period. Apple had a record quarter just like the last 10 years of record quarters. This one is no different. Even in China it was a record quarter for Apple. Stock investors cause our economy to fail because of this stupidity. Apple’s stock should be over $200 a share and would be if it was any other company with its cash and record sales and products that it has currently.

    1. The price is almost irrelevant, they they sell at a high price, then buy once panic has forced the price down, then hype it back up, and so on and so forth. The profit is in the change.

    2. It is FUD Season. . . the three weeks before any major Apple event is ALWAYS FUD Season where the AAPL stock is forced down. This one is particularly bad because the general stocks are also falling.

    3. Stupid posts all.

      AAPL is tracking worldwide Indexes (DOW down ~1,800 points since March), which are all in a tailspin with concerns about Russian, Brazilian, Thai, Malaysian, and Chinese economic growth (or lack thereof). Russia and Malaysia are double whammies because of their depend on the price of oil. Included in the oil sensitive economies are Great Britain, Norway and Venezuela (about to implode).

      AAPL’s price action has nothing to do with Apple, it is all macro (conditions outside of Apple’s control).

      AAPL is selling off more than others BECAUSE of it’s string performance in the past year (still up ~15% since Aug 21, 2014. AAPL is WS’s biggest and broadest holding. WS is simply locking in those gains to offset losses on other equities.

      “Irrelevant”, “manipulation”, “FUD”? Careful your ignorance is showing.

  2. Is someone paying these “analysts” to troll Apple to try to control the stock market, by saying that Apple’s stocks are down? Last I checked, Apple is on an upward trend.

    And Apple doesn’t need to be “saved.”

    A lot of companies ride their trains on the tracks that Apple built.

  3. Once again,

    Lets kill this giant tech company known as Apple because in the end, our entire stock value system doesn’t work anymore.

    Our entire tech market isn’t selling their crap phone and poor gadget. In the end Apple is bad for the tech industry. Lets bring back those cheap phones, tablets and computer that need a 18 month update cycle. Now we’re talking.

    Apple will go bankrup if they keep selling premium product that last more than 3 years!!!

    Gees, Wall street is fuc**d up!

  4. What these “analysts” don’t get is that AAPL the stock is NOT Apple the company. AAPL (the stock) can do whatever it wants; Apple (the company) will continue to make most of the profit in the key markets it occupies.

    Apple does not need to be “saved.” How can the most profitable company (with growing profits) be in any kind of trouble in the real world? Over time, AAPL’s performance is mostly based on external investor sentiment, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Apple’s performance is mostly based on internal excellence, with Apple in full control.

  5. Tremendous success apparently is overrated and outstanding profit margins )with an increasing portfolio of successful devices) an outmoded concept by these Wall St. analtards.

    Failure is the new Success. Bleeding red ink is the new business mantra.

  6. Original Headline: “Don’t expect iPhone 6S to save Apple”

    Topic: “With Apple Inc.’s stock suffering, investors are hoping for relief from the expected launch of a new iPhone in September.

    Don’t count on it.”

    Headline should have read: “”Don’t expect iPhone 6S to save Apple Investors”

    Apple is doomed? I think they will still make a healthy profit as they have been doing consistently for years. In fact, anyone remember when Apple didn’t make a profit.

    The moral, don’t expect articles to save jouranalists’ integrity.

  7. All the defenses, excuses and hysterical championing of the once great company will not change the reality: the market is worried overall which means the lack of confidence in Tim Cook makes AAPL even more vulnerable. The lack of leadership together with products that are ordinary (the watch is nor ordinary but, who cares?) means what you see is what you get.

    1. Apple is still a great company and makes hand over fist, thanks in part to Tim’s leadership but that’s a moot point with you Jay, as your leadership leaves a lot to be desired. Again for the record, from Sept 21 2014:

      “You will be pleased to know that I’m about done with saying what I say on this board – it’s clearly been therapy for me and I’m very close to not needing it any more – I’ve reached the realm of apathy.”

      Jay Morrison

      It’s hard to take you seriously Jay when you don’t lead by example.

      But again that’s a moot point, I’m here to answer your question “the watch is not ordinary but, who cares?” since you seem oblivious to most things.

      MDN cares, they love their watch.

      What you see is what you get certainly applies to you Jay, and what I see from you Jay is one consistent repetitive narrow whine from someone who says that the are going to do one thing and then does the total opposite. Someone should call you a whhhhhhhaaaaaaambulance.

      1. Are you off your meds today? Jeez! Yes Apple makes great stuff. So do a lot of other companies. But it’s the stock market and apparently you have no experience there. China does matter if nothing else by perception. Wake up and quit making excuses for a company that you don’t even work for. Sorry you have lost so much money but that’s your fault. Next time diversify your investment dollars. Fool.

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