10 intriguing Apple Watch apps

“Apple Watch apps are what makes the platform great — take a look at these ten cool apps that show you how quickly things are moving along,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

Betterworks Wear: Lets companies use wearable tech to connect employees around common goals

• Square Cash: Transfer funds to friends, family, or anyone

Microsoft Translator: Speak into your Watch and this app will translate what you say into 50 different languages

• Fantastical 2: Syncs your iCloud, Exchange, Fruux and Google calendars into a quick Glance

Geronimo: The first email app that lets users search and find emails on an Apple Watch

Five more intriguing Apple Watch apps profiled in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: An excellent lineup of AW apps, but we can’t wait until watchOS 2 arrives!


  1. One more:

    The handy app that a major league manager can use to quickly grab stats and other data to get an edge to win ballgames. Inspired by KC Royals’ manager Ned Yost, this app can quickly pull up a pitcher or batter’s stats, tendencies, batter spray patterns, pitching sequences and more. Imagine having the power of big data on your wrist to get that extra edge to put your team in the playoffs.*

    *Subject to approval by MLB, which is rapidly advancing into the early 20th century when it comes to embracing technology to make baseball fair and dynamic. Which of course ain’t gonna happen.

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