New iPhone 6s bend test reveals super-strong aluminum shell

“Apple is hoping to avoid another Bend Gate controversy this year by using a new aluminum shell that’s twice as strong as the iPhone 6,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac.

“We got our first look at Apple’s super-strong shell last week, when Lewis Hilsenteger got its hands on a leaked shell that proves Apple will use series 7000 aluminum,” Hein reports. “Now Lewis is back with an all new video that puts the new and improved iPhone 6s aluminum frame to the bend test.”

“After scanning the new aluminum shell with an XRF analyzer, Hilsenteger discovered that Apple has added zinc to the aluminum alloy it makes the iPhone case with,” Hein reports. “This appears to confirm that Apple is indeed using the 7000 series aluminum, verses the 6000 series used for the iPhone 6.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nice to see Hilsenteger is now using something a bit more sophisticated than his bare hands to execute his bend tests:

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. News flash: tests on the yet to be revealed new iPhone prove that it cannot remove truck tires from rims. An unconfirmed source shows that iPhone users will still have to use tire irons to remove truck tires. This proves that Apple is doomed and no one will buy the new iPhone.

  2. What????

    Back sooooo long ago, my aunt, who is over 80 years old, used a shoe x-ray machine to take a peek into Christmas presents. Yes, at one time the shoe department at Sears actually had x-rays for shoe fittings.

    My point being, can’t we just wait until Apple makes an announcement. Can’t we be just a little surprised? Is nothing sacred? It’s good to know Apple is using 7000 series aluminum, but it would be even better, if Apple got to say, “Hey, we are using 7000 series aluminum for an even more sturdy thinner iPhone.” Then, we would get to see a cool video on how it’s made.

    Just saying.

    1. Avoid news and rumor sites and spend some quality time with your aunt.

      The problem is, you’ll probably be perceived as mentally challenged during the Keynote speech when you are the only one giddy as a school girl over 7000 series aluminum.

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