Apple preps first Kangaroo bond; likely to set Australian corporate bond record

“Australia’s corporate bond market is poised for a big boost as US tech giant Apple prepares its first Kangaroo bond,” John Weavers reports for Reuters.

“The world’s largest company by market value has made a habit of shattering global bond records since its $17 billion debut debt offering in May 2013, and market participants are predicting another big deal,” Weavers reports. “‘I’m expecting at least a A$500 million trade but A$1 billion would not surprise given the huge local and regional appetite for Apple paper,’ said a syndicate banker not involved in the transaction.”

“Apple is to begin investor calls tomorrow ahead of the potential debut Kangaroo, the name given to bonds from foreign issuers in the Australian market. A big local issue from Aa1/AA+ rated Apple would highlight the appeal of the Australian dollar market for the world’s largest corporate issuers,” Weavers reports. “Apple has hired Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs to arrange a series of debt investor calls starting tomorrow. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Free money.

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  1. Oh great, another opportunity for an insane anti-Aussie rant from Road Warrior. Go on then, have at it. I’ll just go have a cuddle with my pet kangaroo and make sure a dingo hasn’t eaten my baby while you get typing… Actually I better call my accountant to see how I can get in on the bond action!

    1. I’m actually pro free and civilized world but I can see how you miss the point. It’s just a bond issued to Anustralians and if there is one thing that Anustralians are good at it’s making americans look good. I’ve stated that so many times, guess it’s hard to see clearly and pay attention when you are wearing hate tinted glasses.

      Nice insertion of Alice Lynne “Lindy” Murchison Chamberlain Creighton
      Azaria Chambelain and her poor daughter Azaria who was taken by dingos. It’s a fine testimony to the effectiveness of the local authorities who eventually found her innocent of any wrong doing, after spending three years incarcerated and being raked over the coals for murder. I’ll pass on commenting further, after all you are making it pretty clear to people your calibre of a persona that makes fun of a mother who has lost her 9 week child to dingos.

      Maybe next time you can quote something from your famous Battle of Brisbane and remind americans what you really think of them.

  2. Apple continues to pile up debt and there doesn’t appear to be anything to show for it. Wall Street is no more pleased with Apple than it was in November 2014. You can really say that Apple has money to burn. I find it hard to believe that Apple could have done worse using that money for M&A. $130 billion could have gone a long way in establishing a couple of new revenue streams and at least they’d have something concrete to show for it. I don’t know what investors see when they look at Apple’s climbing EPS. A company on the rocks with a climbing EPS? Take a look at the hottest stocks going this year, Amazon and Netflix. Their EPS doesn’t even amount to $1 and Wall Street loves those companies. Is Apple chasing after the wrong metrics? I’m truly puzzled. Tesla is another one of them odd ones. A negative EPS and investors can’t buy enough of that company. It just looks as though Apple is doing something wrong by taking on debt for something investors don’t seem to care about.

  3. …and Goldman Sachs <–One of the core creators of the 2007 global recession/depression. Rectals. 😛

    (Yes, I watched Goldman Sachs pull moves in the spring of 2007 that triggered the 2008 recession, which is why I use that year as the start point).

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