What’s coming in Apple’s September special event (and why Apple should call the next iPhone ‘7’)

“The only thing I know for sure is Apple will disappoint the mercurial stock market with whatever they release, and I say that without fear,” Mike Wuerthele writes for MacNN. “I’ve never really thought that the subscription television service was going to materialize this year, and all of the regular channels that report this are walking it back already, all part of the rumor ecosystem. So, color me about as shocked as you’d think, given my previous stance on the service.”

“To go with this, I don’t foresee a hugely different new Apple TV either,” Wuerthele writes. “There’s just no reason to do so at this point! If there’s anything to it at all, it’ll get a new processor, and perhaps app support, but I doubt either of those at this time. I don’t see more than a token nod to the Apple TV at all.”

“I’m guessing there will be two phones, with the larger one using a 2560×1440 resolution to keep up with competing flagship devices, while the ‘regular’ version will get the 1080p resolution. As for the naming convention this time, Apple could end up going with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus,” Malcolm Owen writes for MacNN. “Overall thickness will be marginally smaller than the iPhone 6, if only for Apple to claim it to be the ‘thinnest iPhone ever,’ the A8 processor will continue to be used, and Apple will finally upgrade that eight-megapixel rear sensor to something beefier, like a 16MP or 20MP version.”

Many more predictions in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve long said Apple should skip the “S” naming convention. Here’s hoping they finally do it!

As we wrote in April 2013:

It’s as if Apple is naming iPhone models solely for their own internal inventory purposes, just so they can keep track of which model is which, with no regard for how the iPhones are perceived by the rest of the world – the media, the customers, etc. – outside One Infinite Loop.

The “S” doesn’t stand for “Speed,” it stands for “Stupid.” Yes, we know it’s the same case design; we know the “S” version is the one you make the big margins on; we get it. Call it the “S” internally if you must, but don’t be so engineer-ish that you insist on calling it that on the box, too!

Before the iPhone 4S, everyone was waiting for the “iPhone 5.” When the 4S debuted, disappointment reigned. All because of the name. Nearly everything else about the phone was an improvement or a new addition (Siri).

“You either leak ‘no iPhone 5’ to a credible outlet in order to tamp down anticipation beforehand or you name the damn thing ‘iPhone 5,’ even if you don’t think it worthy, and be done with it. The former is far preferrable to the latter for integrity’s sake, but doing neither signals a worrying degree of tone deafness. Managing the media, not to mention peoples’ expectations, is part of your job now, too, Tim.MacDailyNews, ‘New Apple iPhone 4S fails to wow investors, fans,’ October 4, 2011

“There are plenty of numbers in the universe. Infinite, actually. Don’t worry, Apple, you won’t run out. Wonder what the mood would be right now had Apple simply named ‘iPhone 4S’ the ‘iPhone 5?’ – MacDailyNews, ‘Apple underwhelms with iPhone 4S,’ October 4, 2011

It’s not about sales figures or the model’s success (as long as “iPhone” is in the name, it will be a success), it’s about setting a tone. In this case, with the “S,” Apple sets a tone that they are just making an incremental update (read: losing their innovation edge) which allows the media and competitors to claim, wrongly, that other companies have surpassed Apple. Why gift the naysayers with the opportunity, Apple?


  1. If Apple released an “iPhone 7” that looks physically exactly like the iPhone 6, you know people would bitch so hard you’d think Apple killed Jesus.

    Also, I don’t think Apple will up the screen resolution this year. I can’t see the reason for it. No matter how close I get to the screen on my iPhone 6 Plus, I can’t see a pixel.

    1. It’s not about seeing the pixels, it’s about how images can look insanely cleaner. Nobody can see a pixel on a 1080p TV from their couch, but put it next to a 4K TV and you can tell an immediate difference (assuming you’re looking at 4K content).

  2. Actually the rumors are that iPhones will be slightly thicker due to implementation of force touch …
    And no reason to call it iphone 7 if its going to be the same design .. Imho

    I hope apple does suprise us with some cool product.. We need the excitement!

    1. Well, no new cool product coming. Just the next version of the iPhone six, 6+. And that’s not going to wow Wall Street. Nor will the first quarter (Oct,Nov and Dec) guidance. It will be good but not good enough. Has to be tempered somewhat due to the Chinese economy slowing. And yes, we all realize that the Chinese will pay up for an iPhone. But it’s slowing economy will still have a dampening effect somewhat. With no streaming television service coming, fire Eddie Cue, hold onto your ass because it’s not going to be pretty. I wish these things weren’t true but they’re just simply facts. Facts that will come to life soon. Apple is a great company that makes great products but unfortunately AAPL has been underwater for almost 8 months now. That’s not a place for your money.

      1. Exactly. Proposing to call the new model iPhone 7 with last year’s processor is stupid.

        And as far as the S models go, Apple has forced everyone to acclimatize to them. And I think it’s a more realistic way of managing expectations, which is already an enormously complex job for Apple as it is.

    1. He wasn’t slow about it. Starting as soon as the 6 and 6+ came out, he has spent months, every day, saying nothing about the new, upcoming model. That wasn’t slow. The very next day, no new excitement. 😛

  3. Stop the “S” moniker and watch Samdung drop its “S” moniker!

    Better yet, drop it for one series, watch Samdung drop theirs and then Apple could bring it back for the next “between” processor cycles. Samdung won’t know what to do.

  4. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just a kid blogger running MacNN as an after school job. No way they will upgrade the screen resolution or the camera MP. Screen will remain the same and camera might get a 12 MP replacement. S naming convention will remain.

  5. Since Tim Cook take over, there has been no surprises despite all the secrecy. Every time media reports have correctly guessed what he was presenting in the midst of all the hoopla. It is force touch with better camera pixel count. Nothing much of substance. This reporting is depressing but that is what Cook will present on the 9th and Wall Street will push the shares down another 10%.

    1. Utter rubbish: Every time media reports have correctly guessed what he was presenting in the midst of all the hoopla

      I’m not even going to bother listing the reasons you’re wrong. You poor, bored little amphetamine addict. Not enough stimulation from Apple to keep you amused. 😛

      No kiddies. Apple is NOT here for your entertainment. Now go cry to yourselves in a corner and keep your childish comments to yourselves, please, while the rest of us attempt to do some actual work in the world.

  6. I TOTALLY agree Apple should call the next iPhone the ‘7’. Ripoff dicks Samsung would go into conniptions! They’d immediately be a version # behind. Their marketing dweebs will kill themselves with embarrassment and humiliation. :LOL: 😀

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